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Review: BJB Express

When I was younger, I remember wanting to go shopping for clothes all the time. All the time. My mom wasn't the biggest fan of going on shopping trips as it could take hours and hours as I jumped from store to store to store (which I believe helped me perfect my bar crawl skills). At one point, she told me that the only way she would enjoy shopping was if the clothes came to her and she could pick and choose what she wanted from the comfort of her own home.

Well, guess what? The Blue Jeans Bar does just that with their new "outfits to your door" program, called BJB Express. I filled out a form describing my likes and dislikes, and a stylist put together a personalized package for me with six outfits that I fell absolutely in love with (with free shipping). Some of my favorite picks are down below:

The service was fast, friendly, and easy. The clothes are of incredible quality and I wish my budget allowed me to keep every single piece. That multi-media leather motorcycle jacket up there? Definitely my favorite.

I only came across two down sides to the service: (1) Since I live in an apartment complex that doesn't deliver packages unless you're home, I had to have it delivered to my office. This meant having to carry the box of clothes from my office, to the subway, and all the way home to my apartment. Definitely not an issue if I was still living at home, but just something to keep in mind. (2) The price range. The clothes ranged from $50-$450, so if you're down for some beautiful,  high-quality designer duds, this service is perfect for you. My personal budget is a bit smaller so there were only a few items that I could realistically consider keeping.

Would you guys try it out?


  1. As you may guess, I am really fascinated by programs or companies like this, and your selections do seem really nice. But, yeah, my budget is a bit smaller too :)

  2. ooh never heard of them, but I'd be really interested to see what the stylists pick out and send over to me! Thanks for sharing!

    & Pretty Things

  3. I decided to try them out. The stylist that is working with me said that I they have can have the signature requirement for delivering packages removed I feel that my package will arrive safely. I decided to ask about it because I don't have the option of shipping to my job.

    1. Let me know how you like it! Super excited that you're trying them out. :)

  4. Wow, this service sounds AMAZING! I'm so intrigued! Definitely going to try it out!

    Xo, Hannah


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