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The PNW Diaries: A Beaver State View

For our second day in Portland, Jeremy and I decided to walk all the way to the south side in order to get some beautiful views of the surrounding scenery. Gwyn gave us the suggestion of taking the air tram up to OHSU's campus and boy, was it worth it. Turns out, the ticket machine was broken (but not the air tram) so we ended up getting a free round trip. Jackpot.

Urban Outfitters Sweater (similar) | Denim Vest c/o For Elyse | Love Culture Striped Skirt (similar) | Urban Outfitters Black Ankle Boots (similar) | Forever 21 Infinity Scarf (similar) 

The only downside of the day was the amount of fog. Don't get me wrong...I'm a huge sucker for fog. Cover anything in fog and suddenly I'm in love with it. But that day, fog failed us and blocked our view of all the incredible Oregon mountains. Alas! Fog, I'll forgive you this time but only because we ended up having clear skies at the end of our trip when we traveled back to Portland for our return flight. You lucked out.

Oh, and can we quickly stray from my trip and talk about HOW COLD IT IS OUTSIDE? Hope you guys are all staying nice and warm during this insane chill that's sweeping the nation. You'll find me hiding under layers and layers of blankets and sweaters.


  1. What a neat thing. Had no idea it was possible to do that!

  2. such cute photos, looks like a fun place to visit!

  3. Lovely photos! Bummer about the fog, but I feel you -- anything else foggy immediately captures my heart.


  4. These photos are gorgeous, it sucks that there was fog but the view still looks fantastic. I seriously need to get there sometime in the near future, it's such a great place to explore!
    Absolutely loving this layered look!! That cropped sweater is so perfect with the striped skirt

  5. really like your infinity scarf :)

  6. Oh man, I can only imagine how cold it is over there! I love the outfit by the way, especially that striped skirt :)

  7. You guys are the absolute cutest. Looks like you're having fun (even in the cold...)

  8. Free round trip waaahooooooo! Go you. :D Ugh, I agree about the cold, but finally it's gonna start getting warmer for us Alabamians here soon. Thank goodness!

    I always love you and your stripes, o my sweet Jen. STAY WARM OKAY?!?! We don't need a Jen-sicle.

  9. Agh I don't think I can handle the fog and cold, but yay for free transportation! Much love to your stripes and turtle pose!


  10. Fog and cold days.. I couldn't take it all ): bur you both looking great there! Portland seems great, I hope someday I can make a visit. Take care Jen and keep yourself warm under the blanket (:



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