JennifHsieh is a space for my rambling thoughts and snaps of my everyday style. I'm based in Astoria, Queens and I share a home with my two derpy cats and my equally derpy fiancé.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Have you ever wondered how I get my face lookin' the way it does? How I transitioned into a life living in New York City? How many times I brush my teeth on an average day? What sparked my interest in photography? Whether I like to wear toe socks, or ankle socks, or knee socks, or NO SOCKS AT ALL? 

It's been almost three years since my last Q&A and a lot has changed. So whatever you want to know, drop it in the comments down below. Unless there isn't much you want to know at all. 



  1. shit shit shit so much to ask

    q: will u marry me
    ok that's a silly one
    q: describe your dream buffet, starting with appetizer, on to an entree or two, and finishing with a dessert.


  2. You almost always look very happy, especially when doing an outfit post with a pretty and swingy skirt or when wearing mustard yellow. What's your secret? Would you consider leaving a comment on one of my blog posts?

  3. yes, please answer all of the above. and.. how did u and jeremy meet?

  4. What made you decide to pursue a career in social media?

    Favorite thing about blogging and least favorite thing about it?

  5. As a fashion blogger do you ever feel self conscious about your body?
    Do you anything to keep slim, if so what are your tips for fitness and eating?

    Maybe too many questions, but hopefully they outline the general area of interest.

  6. Hi! I don't know if it's too "deep", but I was just wondering how you keep motivated.
    I mean, I always try to do more and new stuff, but I end up spending my whole life browsing the Net instead :P

  7. Oh! I love Q&A posts...I would love to know how you manage your budget while living in a place like NYC! I hope to live there sometime in the future but I want to be prepared, at whatever point in life. Also...if you could be transplanted into a book or movie, which would you pick?


  8. Who always takes your photos for you and what to do edit with??

    just. plain. Madness.

  9. What advice would you give to somebody moving to New York City? What's the approximate cost of living there?
    - Keanna

  10. Baby where you get that body from?


  11. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

  12. How are you such a babe?

    Okay, actual question: how do you get your pics looking so good? I want to know equipment, settings, everything.

  13. I was curious as to how you get sponsors, what your apartment looks like (because I'm nosy like that and like looking at stranger's places, buahaha) and where you shop the most! :D


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