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Last Night Escapades and Making a Ruckus

Gap Striped T-Shirt (similar), Urban Outfitters High-Waisted Button Shorts (similar), Tan Sandals c/o LuLu*s

A comfortable shirt tucked into high-waisted shorts has really become my summer uniform when I'm not at work or when I'm just having a lazy day exploring my new neighborhood. There's really nothing better. Livin' the life right here in these pictures, dude.

I stayed put in Astoria this past weekend for the first time in a long time since moving here. One of our college friends stopped by super late Saturday night (actually, by that time it was technically already Sunday morning) and we hit the town (I sound so old saying that). Astoria actually has a killer night life and we were out into the wee hours of the morning (getting even older with these lame sayings), ending the night with some quarter rides and by making a ruckus at the local 24/7 diner. I might not be able to show my face there ever again, which is a pity because their food is incredible. I mean, where else can you get gouda-stuffed burgers and ranch fried chicken quesadillas at 4 AM? I guess I'll just have to accumulate a stockpile of disguises.


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