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Let Me Come Home

Urban Outfitters Waffle Cardigan (similar), Zara Beige Tee (similar), Levi's 501 Boyfriend Jeans (similar), Tan Sandals c/o LuLu*s, Glasses c/o Firmoo

I realize I very rarely take pictures inside my childhood home in Jersey now that I'm older. Not like it's a requirement or anything, but it's nice capturing my home at different stages in my life. I definitely did when I was going through puberty and when I was stuck in my "let's-take-pictures-of-everything-in-twenty-different-ways" stage. Oh, and don't get my started on that MySpace phase. Selfies galore. But don't lie, you were guilty of it too.

Also, this is one of those rare posts where you see me in glasses. This is actually a new pair, thanks to Firmoo, since Jeremy accidentally stepped on my glasses a few months ago (granted, it was my fault putting them on the floor). Since I'm not too careful with my belongings, I always opt for choosing frames on the cheaper side and Firmoo always has my back. Not to mention the fact that your first pair is free. What up. Now I'm just tempted to try a crazier pair since I always go for glasses that have a similar look. Red frames, anyone?!

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  1. Gorgeous pics <3 your childhood home seems so cute!

  2. Aw, love this post!
    Also, that waffle cardigan looks so plush and cozy... :)

  3. That knit is beautiful. Lovely pictures. <3

  4. I really love these photos. Your home looks so nice and bright and comfy!


  5. You are adorable in glasses, oh my goodness!


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