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Officially Cold Weather Season

Forever 21 Brown Dolman Coat (similar), Black Striped Midi Dress c/o LuLu*s (similarsimilar), Black Leather Skirt c/o LuLu*s (similar), ASOS Thigh High Socks, Aldo Black Oxford Wedges (similar), Two-toned Tote Bag c/o Chicnova (similar)

I know it's officially cold weather season (in the world of Jen) when this coat comes out of the hall closet and onto my shivering body. This coat will forever be my favorite (until a new favorite suddenly appears, obviously). Not only because it's fantastic, but because I scored it for a mere $10. Pretty sure I've been bringing that fact up in a blog post around this time every year but it was a really proud moment, you guys. It's like your child winning an award for being the fastest kid in his third grade class and you're like, "things can only go uphill from here!", but not really because I've never been a mother and I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Yeah, it's definitely about that time I leave work an head to happy hour for a couple of a drinks.


  1. Would you mind if I stole your bag... haha. I love it. I love the look a lot because it does one of my fave things - mixes blacks and browns together. Add stripes and it's an A+ in my books. You always look like you're having so much fun in the pics :) | Jenn

  2. This combo- striped shirt with black skirt and camel coat- is such a classic look but it is the high socks that really make this outfit! Love it.

  3. Can you send some of that chill to the west coast? I'm kinda over the heat :( Love the black outfit with the brown coat (can't believe it was only $10!!!)


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