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A Complete Sucker for Fall

Madewell Texturework Sweater, American Apparel Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt (similar), Two-toned Trenchcoat c/o RD Style (similar), Two-toned Heels c/o LuLu*s (similar) 

I'm definitely not meeting my quota of apple-picking, pumpkin carving, or fall foliage pictures this year. Maybe I'm being a bit pre-mature worrying about this since it's only mid-October, but it's a real concern compared to previous years and I just realized this morning that I need to step up my game. So far I've only taken a pumpkin home from work and had the coffee lady put some pumpkin syrup in my coffee one time.


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  1. i volunteer myself as your pumpkin/apple picking partner in crime

  2. I like the many touches of black and tan in this outfit.

    We've also done next to no fall things, and at mid-October, I feel like autumn could be over at any minute. But with a new job, I wasn't excepting to get much in anyway... hope you have better luck "stepping up your game", so to speak!

  3. Partners in crime? Need to step up my autumn game as well, since it's rain and snow season approaching as we speak.


  4. I've been so busy filming that I haven't had time to do any fall things so I'll have to reserve all the PSL and pumpkin carving for the end of October! Love this look x | Jenn

  5. loving the two toned pieces (jacket and shoes). awesome!! :D

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