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Pastel Music to My Ears

Forever 21 Beige Coat (similar), Forever 21 Denim Jacket (similar), American Apparel Lavender Babydoll Dress (similar), Fleece-Lined Tights c/o Silkies, Black Lace-Up Boots c/o LuLu*s, Aldo Backpack (similar), Peach Floral Headphones c/o Ankit

News Alert: I finally have my own pair of headphones. Jeremy is glad. I am glad. Everyone is glad.

But seriously, how beautiful are these bad boys? When I wear them around the city I'm pretty sure I walk with an extra ounce of swagger but that might also be in my own imagination. In terms of quality, they're not at the same level as those super expensive professional headphones and the product build is average. But for the lower price range and the breathtaking design, definitely worth it for an "everyday" pair. In terms of sound, it has a prominent bass as well.

But anyway, I'm going to go back to swooning over the pastel colors. Sometimes, even when my music stops playing, I still keep them on because like, look at 'em.


  1. omg!!! I MUST HAVE THOSE HEADPHONES!!!! so so so adorable!!

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  2. oh heck yeah, I would keep them on even without music, too. They're like cute lil musical earmuffs. And pastel is something you can never go wrong with. KEEP ON ROCKIN JEN JEN <3


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