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Icelandic Road Trip Diaries | The Blue Lagoon w/ Filosofia

The morning before our flight back to Boston, we decided to make one last quick stop at the Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately, we were spoiled by how quiet and untouched the Nature Baths in the north were that we didn't even realize we had to make reservations beforehand. A few of us ended up hastily making reservations for the next open spot just because we weren't going to not jump into the Blue Lagoon after coming all the way to Iceland...even if it meant only getting 40 minutes in The Blue Lagoon before having to jump out, dry off, and rush to the airport to catch our flight. Just to check it off my list was glorious enough, not to say it wasn't beautiful. Boy was it beautiful. I could just do without the high amount of tourists. The biggest way to tell that a place is more tourist-ridden, is the amount of people who are ready to just rip off their clothes in the locker rooms with no shame. At the Nature Baths I'm pretty sure I saw everyone's nipples and bare butts; but, at the Blue Lagoon, everyone slinked off to their corners and private stalls to change.

But speaking of being dressed and being naked, Filosofia helped me find just the right balance with this beauty of a swimsuit. I had the chance to meet Adyam, the founder of the brand, and her passion for their goal to challenge women to redefine the definition of beautiful and normal is inspiring. Their suits are designed to flatter every body type and the bad ass Brazilian-inspired patterns and designs don't hurt either. They're currently having a 50% sale on select styles, just in time for the tan-until-I'm-twenty-shades-darker weather, so go, go go!


  1. Me and my friend are seriously thinking about going to Iceland
    and to visit Reykjavik and to dip in hot springs!

  2. omg!!!! bucket list!!!! i need this surreal experience!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. OMG this is amazing!! These pictures are gorgeous! I would love to go there!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. Whaaaat! I saw these pics on Instagram but I'm still uber impressed by them. What a perfect place for pics. I love the foggy backgrounds they create. And shit you're cute. :D


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