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The Not So Big Move

H&M Striped Crop Top (similar), Forever 21 Skinny Jeans (similar), Tan Reversible Tote Bag c/o LuLu*s, Urban Outfitters Olive Green Suede Pumps (similar)Gorjana Taner V Necklace via Rocksbox (Sign Up w/ Code: jenbff159)

It's finally done. After some really crazy, insane weeks at work, hectic weekends full of traveling to see family and friends, and countless hours and hours of packing, Jeremy and I are moved to our brand spanking new apartment and I couldn't be happier and more relieved. We're still living in the same neighborhood, Astoria, just a few blocks deeper into Queens and in a slightly larger (and way more beautiful) space. Right now it's just a clutter of boxes and a very disoriented Bubba, but hopefully we'll be much more settled over the next two weeks and get the space to look somewhat live-able.

In the meantime, I'm in need of a very, very long nap. Moving out of a five-floor walk-up and into a four-floor walk-up is no easy feat, my friends.


  1. Love your hair and shoes! I'm glad you found a place that you love, can't wait to get the tour. :)

  2. I love decorating new spaces, can't wait to see more of the new place :)

  3. That top is so good. You know I love me some stripes! Can't wait to visit you and your new place someday!!! Let's Skype ASAP! :D

    be the plebeian

  4. yay!!! congrats on the move! :D
    for someone who is going thru moving, you look incredibly well put together. I'd be so stressed and haggard if I were in your position!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Cute look!<3


  6. i do love your blog
    nice tattoo

  7. What a feat indeed! And all those stairs to climb, too! I hope you treated yourself afterwards. I'm glad you're loving your new place, Miss Jen!

  8. i *heart* this outfit!!! and congrats on the move!!! :-)


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