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The Punta Cana Diaries: Pasties + Rainstorms


Nasty Gal Runnin' with the Devil Dress (similar, similar), Aldo Black Strap Heels (similar, similar)

Recently every clothing item in the world has decided to featured low backs, no backs, and cut-outs that reveal everything but the kitchen sink. What does this mean? It means I've delved into the world of pasties and I'm never coming back out. I know I've talked about my nipples before and the topic of nipples doesn't really warrant a second mention, ( heck, I shouldn't have even used the word nipples three times already in this post) but there really is something in wearing pasties that brings me such delight.

Maybe it's the freedom of going braless and having some sort of magical secret that no one else knows about as you're strutting around town with stickers on your boobs. Pretty sure I was sprinting around the resort on New Year's Eve just unknowingly winking at strangers to tell them, "I'm wearing pasties but YOU'LL NEVER KNOW."

But enough about that; the main point is that these pasties let me rock this bad ass dress...a dress that was so bad ass that the Gods above threw up their hands in celebration and threw down an epic rainstorm only minutes after (hence the gray skies and insane winds). Hallelujah!


  1. Beautiful outfit! Love your heels! You have such a beautiful and happy smile, girl. Happy New Year!

  2. Ha! So they're fun to wear? I always imagined they'd be somewhat gross, but you make pasties sound awesome :)

  3. Those heels! I'm not one for strappy heels but that last pic makes your legs look super long!

    I've never used pasties LOL what a gross name but I feel like it would be liberating. Like not wearing underwear lol something I would also like to try hehe tmi

  4. so elegant and on trend with the lace up! :D yay for pasties!

    Animated Confessions

  5. Pasties are the best, even though they make one's boobs look weird and nipple-less, which personally I feel is part of the charm. Anyway, it looks like you're having a fabulous time and I sort of wish I was your best friend (is that a weird thing to say after talking about nipples?)

  6. I don't own any pasties BUT THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE ASAP! For real. All the fun that could be had with that secret xD
    Bahaha, oh my word, started laughing so hard at that second paragraph. THEY'LL NEVER KNOW!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Hahaha - loved this post! xD I've never had pasties - but I can imagine it would be a real fun thing, haha - I'm intrigued! And you look AMAZING. That dress and those heels - honestly the ultimate outfit, love it! xx

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

  8. THAT DRESSSSSSS! I love it I love it. And this post made me laugh. Firstly, because oh my god every top and dress seriously is cut out of the back or slitted down the front or SOMETHING; secondly, because pasties. Seriously, I would jump on the pastie train if my boobs weren't so damn tiny. I need a bra to make them look proportionate to my body. Ugh. Maybe one day!

  9. OOOO pasties and rainstorms.. Now you have my attention! I absolutely love this burgundy color on you.. You look absolutely stunning.. And those heels! OK going to go have a heart attack now..


  10. Beautiful photos! You look amazing! :) xx

  11. You're hilarious! This outfit is beautiful though and I'm in love with those shoes! I love how this look is sexy without being too out there.


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