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California Road Trip | Day 1/10: Afternoons at Ampersand

After a long and well-spent morning hiking at Bernal Heights, and working up quite the appetite, we met up with some of my old friends (dating back to middle school) at Loló. I didn't treat myself to a mimosa (as I was prepping myself for a rage fest later that night - note to self: never accept shots of Fernet) but I indulged in some incredible tuna tacos and watched everyone else shovel down some beautiful avocado toast. This would be the start of everyone telling us how great California avocados were, which was almost daily in California.

The rest of the afternoon was relaxed as Jeremy and I made our way down Valencia Street in the Mission District. Between small boutiques, old bookstores, long lines for pastries, and a tasting of sour beer at The Monk's Kettle, my favorite stop was definitely Ampersand, a small flower shop and design studio hidden away on a side street.

We were immediately greeted by the friendly staff and were encouraged to hang around and relax. If only I could travel with a bouquet of flowers because I would have made twenty on the spot with their insane selection.


  1. Oh man oh man!! those flowers!!! So gorgeous!!! Flowers are so inspiring - next time your run into a beautiful lot of them, feel free to ship me the whole store. We can never have too many flowers in our lives!! (: (:

  2. aaahhh this spot looks like a dream!!!! all this rustic goodness is making me want to go there soo bad! :D

    Have a great weekend!
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  3. Really beautiful photographs, I really do like the way you radiate happiness in those pictures! Wish we'd have shops like Ampersand here, too, it seems you really enjoyed your time.

    Wish you a pleasant rest of the week!


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