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Rainy Sundays in Astoria

This past weekend was full of rain showers, which made it hard to want to leave the apartment, but I couldn't be too mad about it because it was also warm enough to be bare legged for the first time in months. I'm starting to think our national treasure, Punxsutawney Phil, is just full of shit and there won't be six more weeks of winter. Screw you, you troll of a ground hog. Well, unless Mother Nature has a trick or two up her sleeves and she's the real troll here by trying to get our hopes up and Phil is just trying to warn us. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm overthinking all of this.

Jeremy and I grabbed our cheap corner store umbrellas and headed up to Ditmars, the more widely known area of Astoria, to stop by an open house for a co-op apartment. I always loved looking at different homes for some reason - a trait I think I got from my dad, as he’s always getting us to go to open houses just for fun. After pretending to be rich enough to buy in the city, we grabbed a quick brunch at Flattopps, the coolest restaurant-dance club I know. I mean come on, there was a live DJ playing sick remixes at 12:30 PM. INTO IT.

Also, HELLO CIRCLE BAG. It's been a hot second, yeah? As the weather warms up, this circle bag will be starting to make more and more appearances again and take back its reign from the always present red beanie on my Instagram. Prepare yourselves.


  1. oh hey your blog looks different! and awesome! This post is so cute, goddamn.

    I spent most of today pretending it was March 14 instead of February 14 because I'm so tired of the cold, I just want to get up in the morning and be able to walk around in my sleep state (read: naked) long enough to make my bed without my fingers attempting to detach themselves from my body! I danced around a little and it was nice and successful but it was still 7C so... not something I can pull off every day. But it did lift my spirits and made me feel like I could maybe shoot an outfit again someday. Or even make it to the supermarket that's literally three minutes away. It's been a difficult winter.

    I don't know if I'd go to open houses for fun (not really a thing here) but I do love looking at interiors so no judgment there.

    1. Ugh, the winter cold really does make getting out of bed so incredibly painful. I always end up wrapping my comforter around me and just getting ready for the day like that.


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  3. adorable! I love your straw bag!


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