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Hello, Beautiful Weather!

So the weather outside is lovely. It's a little bit breezy and the sun is shining down and most importantly...there's no rain! :) It's supposed to stay like this for the rest of the week so hopefully I'll be able to make a trip down to the shore and relax a bit. It's not warm enough to go in the water but it's always nice to just sit on the sand and walk along the boardwalk.

(cardigan old navy, top american rag, shorts zara, tights gift from reader, ruffle flats payless, necklace forever 21)

I got these tights from one of my readers who is seriously one of the sweetest girls. She takes pictures as well so check out her flickr! Speaking of pictures, I'm currently working on my photography website. I bought the domain and everything so now I just have to work on the layout. What a pain, haha. I'm also updating my shop and giving it a whole new makeover. You guys can check it out (link at the top of my page as well) and let me know what you think! I added a few more items and hopefully there will even more within the next week or two. :)

Well I'm off to go have lunch with one of my best friends from high school and maybe I'll drag him to a mall 30 minutes away to go dress shopping (shh, I haven't told him about the mall part yet, he thinks it's just lunch). :) Thank god for Spring Break.

oh, and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! I'm not wearing green but don't tell anyone. 


  1. The tights is so pretty... you have some awesome readers Jen. Enjoy the warm weather. xoxo

  2. those tights are rocking!!! love them on you! :D

  3. I love the colour on you, and I love love love the tights. The whole outfit is so cool.

  4. this outfit is great! the tights are seriously fabulous!!!

  5. so cute, love the splash of colour - happpy st. pats to you too!

  6. Cute cute tights! And I love the light yellow color, that has been one of the colors I've been searching for.. you make it look so cutee. :D

    && oh, I totally forgot it was St. Patty's.. hahaha. I'm not wearing green, either. I will keep your secret. :)) PS) I will be working on your stache today! I don't want you to think I forgot 'cause I didn't!

  7. Gorgeous tights, girl!! That is so nice of one of your readers to send them too you.

    Love the yellow tee too!


  8. you are a ray of sunshine in yellow. i love it.

  9. the weather here is also lovely. I love your tights!

  10. thing :) hhaha, I didnt know it was st patricks day today :/
    Love the tights x


  11. This yellow and black combiniation is great on you! I love the lace tights!

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  12. the tights look beautiful on you :)

  13. you look a treat! wonderful tights

    and happy st Ps day :)

  14. Jen.. Happy St. Patty's Day! Gosh, you look so darn adorable! The tights are super sweet!.. and I'm so glad you'll be getting some sunshiney weather for your spring break. :) Oooo if you go down to the shore, take pics! I'd love to see.

    Have fun with you friend shopping! I love shopping with guys.. well my hubby.. ha ha! HUGS.

    xx Love & Aloha

  15. you look so adorable! i love the tighs so much.and i'm jealous that you're enjoying warm weather! poland is so gloomy and it was snowing a little today as well! mrs spring is very reluctant to come.

  16. Those tights are awesome! Thanks for the b-day wishes!

  17. i love the color palette--welcome, spring!

  18. The lace tights are amazing, look so lovely!

  19. I adore your tights and the yellow and black colors of your outfit! The weather has been nice here too!

  20. you are so adorable! I love this outfit you wearing, it suits you so nice!

  21. i looove your outfit! so cute! especially the tights - how nice of your reader to send em!

    xo tiffany

    you are extremely adorable :)
    aand of course the outfit is really cute, inspires me for how i want to dress for winter lately.

    glad to have stumbled across this blog of yours and looking forward to further updates x

  23. Such cute pictures!!
    Happy St. Patty's Day, too :)

  24. Those r d preTtiest patterned tights I've seen in my whole life !
    And I like the pop of yellow too !
    I didn't even kno yest ws st patricks day actually..haha

    Thx for ur comments love .
    Visit / comment / follow me at
    glisters and blisters

  25. So adorable.

    previously known as blackandgoldchains

  26. great tights, what a cute outfit!

  27. so cute, I need more yellow in my wardrobe.

  28. cute outfit! and the obsessed! :)


  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. love the tights too. and you look gorgeous :)

  31. Love the tights - and I know how you feel about the good weather! We've finally got it too and I've cheered up so much...

  32. Amazing look and pics, darling!
    Love the tights!


  33. Love this. Those are great tights. I may test the waters for shorts and tights today, myself.

  34. love the tights!
    I really like the shape of the shorts you paired it with too.
    a great spring look I must add. I'm glad everything is warming up <3

  35. what fun tights! that was a really nice gift!! -noel

  36. I love your tights, they look fantastic on you! How sweet of your reader to have given it to you:)



    Hahaha, gorgeus darling!
    And I love the way you guys in America get happy when the weather is warm again after winter! Hahaha, I think I should learn with you, because here I can always wear light and colorful clothes :D Yay, hot weather! And I can add that you are prettier now than during winter (when you looked a little bit down)

    Big kisses Jen!

    P.S.: I laughed with the kissy pic :D

  38. Those tights are so pretty! It's not too cold over there is it? :)

    pst... don't forget about my giveaway!

  39. Ah, Jen your yellow tee makes me think of Spring; and I love you for springing the mall part on the boy in question. Surprising boys with mall excursions is always the best idea for getting your way - hope your dress shopping was successful, my love!! :)

  40. loving the tights, jen! what a sweet gift! hope ure enjoying the warm weather and of course, spring break!!:D

  41. Ohw, love your tights, very pretty! And yellow looks very nice on you :)

  42. Amazing convination I love that yellow and black, that contrast is amazing and the pattern is super rad!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you! I love your style
    it’s soooo chic but you don’t look like a fashion victim you don’t! I love it always simple and always chic!!! Well doll take care
    Lots of love going your way!!!♥

  43. i am so glad to be seeing more color from you guys who've had winter for so long...:D yey!!! love those tights...the details are so intricate.

    and haha, it's so funny that you're dragging a guy friend to shopping..for all we know, they'll just nod in approval for every item we look at.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  44. You're so funny! I love your yellow and black combo... and i really like your tights, damn cool. Have looking for similar pairs and failed =(.

    I'm having a giveaway at my blog if you wanna check it out :D

  45. Hi Jen, great shots, love the tights, really lovely!

    Thanks for dropping a line on my site, always love to get feed back and readers opinion.

    Hope your weekend will be fabulous.

  46. you look amazing! and i love your hair and makeup. that close up of you is so cute! XOXO

  47. What a very nice gift! Nice legs ;) Again, great outfit. Simple, but very well put together. How'd your friend like the shopping surprise? =D

    Yay, for gorgeous weather and Spring Break! <3

  48. Beautiful outfit, love the tights!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  49. hmm.. long time no see ur blog jen..
    miss u..
    talk about this photo outfit, have u ever heard about Batik from indonesia? such a traditional pattern for cloth.. and ur tights look like batik.. it's awesome... i love that.. where did u get that?


  50. lovely outfit, love love love love the tighs! they look amazing!

    have a good weekend


  51. Lurrrve those tights, and I'm off to go check out your shop now! And CAN'T WAIT to see your photography site too! Recently I've been thinking about doing the same thing, but I wouldn't have a clue where to start haha

  52. Those thights are incredible.. I can stare at the pattern for ages!
    I like the things in your webshop but I really have to save money! ;)

  53. oooh, love those tights<3


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