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Beautiful Blogger Award

The always beautiful Kaielle from Chictopia nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. :) I adore her sense of style so you guys should all go check her out. Well, I'm supposed to post 7 facts & tag 7 people, so here I go:

1)  My Name is Jennifer (call me any version of that, but i'm used to Jen). I know, it seems like a boring fact, but my username can get pretty confusing so people don't know what my actual name is. Hsieh is my last name :)
2) I love my stuffed animals like they're alive. My current fave is a manatee named Manny Winston and a moose I got for my birthday named Howie.
3) I have to do most things in pairs because when I was younger I thought things that were alone were lonely. I blink in pairs, eat foods in pairs, and I have to step an even number of times in each sidewalk square.
4) My favorite flower is the daisy. My prom date was studying for AP tests so I got to pick out the corsage/boutonnière. We were the only ones with daisies :)
5) No pets are allowed in my dorm but I snuck in my pet betta fish, Seaking II.
6) I want to open a small coffee shop in NYC when I'm older (but I don't know how to make coffee, let alone good coffee).
7) At one point in my life I wanted to name my future daughter Reffy and my future son Fetch. Thank god that no longer stands true.

i tag the following Bloggers/Chictopians: Phebe, MJ, Elaine, s3r3nity, valerieyap, Hafaguddei, & jazzyhwang :)

(shirt forever 21, skirt forever 21, tights wet seal, shoes blowfish)

p.s. i'm the same Jen from Secondskins (the blog I shared with my best friend Phebe). We didn't split up completely; we're still going to be updating our joint blog but run separate ones as well with our outfit pictures and extras. :)


  1. I love the white tights! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  2. Thanks for letting me know hun : )I luv ur tights here!!! Hope u well, have a lovbely day xx

  3. Adorable outfit! :)
    I have tried and tried but I can't seem to find myself a striped navy top like yours.

    PS - I have a great giveaway on my blog. Don't forget to sign up!

  4. Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with your own blog... good luck!

  5. congrats on ur blog award!:) love ur facts. they're adorable:) i love how u do things in pairs! too cute:D

  6. yay congrats for the award !
    i love ur white tights very much !
    you look sooo much like my friend !

    CLICK HERE to enter my handmade scarf giveaway !

    visit / follow / and comment me .
    xoxo . Glisters & Blisters)

  7. I love your top! The sleeves on it are so lovely! And I love your blog header too!

    selective potential

  8. lovely outfit! thanks for the sweet comment!

  9. Hahaha, I too treat my stuffed animals like they're alive- call them my kids :)

  10. thanks for dropping by. xxx

  11. Got to love F21. They have such great stuff.

  12. Awh! You guys look great! :D I love it! Follow me, please?:)

  13. Congrats on the award!! I hope you get to open your coffee shop, there needs to be more independent stores.

  14. Oh yay! I love your other blog too! Congrats on the blog award! :)

  15. i think running a coffee shops sounds fabulous and i'm positive you'd learn quickly how to make a great cup of joe!

  16. the coffee shop in nyc sounds liek a great idea...i have a dream that is kinda like that :)

  17. That's so cute about doing things in pairs!


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