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These are a Few of my Favorite Things (Giveaway)!

i hope you guys are all having a fabulous christmas or enjoying the holidays snug and warm at home (or on vacation)! although my family doesn't really celebrate christmas much and we don't exchange gifts, it's still a nice, relaxing christmas. the tree is up and we're going to make dumplings together (so asian, i know). and my brother is coming home tonight :)
i've only started on this blog for about a month now and i've gotten so many followers and supportive comments. i'm having so much fun on here and so to thank all of you fellow bloggers out there i'm having a christmas giveaway! i thought, what better than to share with you guys some of my favorite things? There will be THREE prizes for THREE winners! :)

1) Fekkai Sheer Hold®  Hairspray (1.5 oz)

This is my absolute favorite hairspray. Whenever I curl my hair I spray a little of this on and it holds my style for hours without making it stiff. I can still run my fingers through to loosen up my waves :) <3

2) Forever 21 Olive Rib Column Tights (M/L)

I don't know if you guys have noticed but I adore tights. I keep on growing my collection and buying more and more colors. I don't think I'm going to try for the whole rainbow (I doubt I'd wear every color) but I want to come close! Olive Green is a color I don't have yet (and would love to own) but I'll pass it on to one lucky winner.

3) Forever 21 Charm Necklace 

I get most of my jewelry from Forever 21 due to their cheap prices and LARGE variety. I usually go for simple necklaces rather than statement pieces and I love this adorable charm necklace (especially the wishbone).

Here are the Official Rules to Enter: 
1) You must include your first name and your email address in a comment.
2) You must be a Google Reader follower OR a fan on chictopia (let me know which).
3) You must pick only one of the prizes and tell me which one.
4) Finally, tell me how you spent your lovely christmas :)

Example Entry:
Jen (
I'm a follower/fan!
I want the hairspray!
I spent my christmas warm and snug in front of the tv watching Willy Wonka. :)

The winners will all be drawn randomly (I'll put all your names in a cup) and notified through email. Each winner will receive their chosen gift and a few other random goodies! The deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 30. (Open to U.S. and International Readers, only because I'm feeling pretty damn generous) Good Luck! :)

* Blog about this giveaway for an extra entry (for any of the three prizes, doesn't have to be the same one you picked for your first entry). Send me the link to where you blogged about it in a new comment! :)

Cozy at home in my new vintage brown knit slouchy cardigan (thanks darlingvintage! check out her etsy, great finds for great prices - and fast shipping! i never want to take this cardigan off)
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Best Wishes! Stay safe and beautiful!


  1. aww I love the necklace! And you have a great blog here :)

  2. Kylie Larsson
    rklarsson at gmail dot com
    I'm a follower
    I'd love the tights!
    I spent my Christmas indoors because it's so cold outside.

  3. MJ (
    I'm a Google follower, and I'd love the necklace! I spent my Christmas between my mum's and my dad's house, eating far too much and watching TV at both.

  4. Stephanie (stepharoo [at] gmail [dot] com)

    I follow you on Google =) I absolutely love those tights!! I don't have olive either and I'm also obsessed! Spending my Christmas with family, and visiting hubby at work! Boooo work =*(

    Happy Holidays lovely =)

  5. I love that charm neckless! Congrats to whoever wins it! :)

  6. Hi, I'm Camilla (
    Im a follower
    I spent christmas in the carribean eating hamburgers and chocolate cakee :) (Not so traditional either)
    Those tights rock my world :)
    xxxx I totally followed the example entry
    Love it!

  7. Sachi
    sachi_mitchem at yahoo dot com
    I'm a follower!
    I love/want the tights!
    I spent my Christmas in Florida with the elderly and toddlers, stuck babysitting in a cramped house with no way out!

  8. Leah (
    I'm a follower.
    I love the tights.
    I spent Christmas with my family in my dad's home. It's like a small reunion with all my brothers and sisters and their families.

  9. Chloe (
    I'm a follower
    I want those tights (p.s. I'm also after a pair of khaki green tights and I have a massive collection going on)
    I spent my christmas day with my family having an awesome lunch. :)

  10. Swati (

    I'm a google follower!

    I would love to have the hairspray!

    My Christmas was spent with a few of my close school-friends who had all come back for the holidays. We had a bonfire night and it was all pretty fun!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. fashionableacademics(at)gmail(dot)com
    I'm a follower.
    I would love the tights, because I love tights as much as you do!
    I spent my Christmas at home with M. and Bailey snuggling and eating too much.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. hi, jen! merry xmas! what a great giveaway:) thx for the comment on my blog. u are too cute!:)

    AB (theowlscloset {at} yahoo {dot} com)
    I'm a follower:)
    I would love the frederic fekkai hairspray.
    I spent a very low key Christmas at home with at my parents' and just enjoying everyone's company:)

  13. You look so cute and comfortable in that picture!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Taylor B. (
    I'm a follower.
    I'd like the tights. I'm trying to wear them more in the cooler weather but jeans are so much easier!
    I spent my christmas in 68˚ weather (but raining) opening gifts at home and then going to my parents and eating, opening more gifts and watching Race to Witch Mountain.

  14. oh gosh i love the necklaces :D
    && happy boxing day!


  15. loving that sweater and the top! merry christmas jen!

    1. my name is jasmine (
    2. i am a google reader follower!
    3. i would love the necklace (i had the hardest time choosing between that and the tights...eek!)
    4. i just worked 6 hours (i work at a movie theater), and it was insane! sherlock holmes sold out and so did it's complicated. oy..but now i'm just webcamming with my boyfriend hehe (:

    merry christmas jen! you're so sweet and cute<3 and i am so thankful to have you as a friend/follower/person i follow (leader?)! wee!

  16. Shannon (
    I'm a follower!
    I would like the tights :)
    I spent my Christmas waking up in a fort, opening presents to find lovely books, eating sweet rolls, visiting my grandmother and cousins, swinging at the park, and playing Sims. I think it was a Christmas well spent.

  17. hi jen, i'm mara ( and i follow your blog. i find the necklace really cute :D

    well, just like you, having an asian family, it was pretty laid back and i spent most of it eating the day away and watching boys before flowers :)

  18. Happy Holidays to you. Sounds like a great time. Christmas is all about realxing and spending time with your beloved ones, isn't it?!

  19. Sybil (
    I'm a Google Follower
    I want the olive tights (i adore them more than pants!)
    I spent Christmas with my family, exchanging gifts, skype-ing back home with my other relatives and shovelling snow (piles and piles! haha!)

  20. Ah the necklace is cute, like the tights!
    Happy holidays dear, hope you enjoy!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  21. hahaha thank you for your sweet comment! It made me smile, so sweet. & thanks a lot for following me.

    Yes I am :) Do you have a great holiday too?

    x Birgit

  22. Beatriz
    I am a follower!!!
    I love the charm Necklace...

    Thanks for your comment!!! Yeah I'm having great Christmas time! With school friends in town it can never be boring!!
    Kiss from Spain!

  23. How sweet are you?!

    Laura (
    I'm a follower
    I want the tights!!!
    I spent my christmas laughing with my family.

  24. hey, I just discovered your blog and I really love it, love your outfits and I think you are so sweet. :) I've added you to my blogroll:)

  25. What a generous giveaway, gorgeous!

    Hope you had a magical Christmas!


  26. i loved yours outfits!

  27. claudia (
    im a google folower!
    id love the tights..
    i spent my christmas partying with my friends because im from argentina and it too hot here!

    thanks! and stop by my blog whenever you want!

  28. love the vintage cardigan!!!
    you're so sweet :))
    merry christmas!!

  29. Adorable necklace and love your comfy look!

  30. thanks for following jen!
    i love your ripped jeans!

    xx Breshna & Rona

  31. Love your new cardigan ! Cute jeans

  32. ooo....i love a good giveaway!

    I follow your awesome blog, I would LOVE the cute necklace

    I spent my christmas at home with my family eating sweet sweet turkey and playing twister :)


  33. Such a fabulous giveaway!!

    Erika -
    I'm a follower!!
    I want the necklace!
    I spent my Christmas in the kitchen cooking dinner for the family!! :)

  34. WOW! I love those F21 items. YAY! ;-)


  35. Loving the slouchy cardigan with bare feet :] You're so cute! I think you could pull any look off, no matter how casual or plain! I hope you had a GREAT Christmas Jen!!!

  36. That's so sweet of you to do a Christmas giveaway~

    Valencia Lia
    I'm a follower!
    I would love the necklace,its so beautiful.
    Spent my Christmas with my family at my cousin's place but headed back with my boyfriend early as he was sick. But I ejoyed myself as I was spending it with my loved one still.

    I am a huge fan of slouchy cardigan and yours is perfect<3

  37. you're so generous :) thanks jen!

    Anna Park (
    i'm a follower at google reader
    i'd like the tights!
    and i spend my christmas eating ....... and watching avatar on IMAX 3d (yeahh)

    the cardigan looks awesome.

  38. In fact, my family doesn't celebrate christmas with a very well-vacation, exchanger presents. No, we never do that. We just go to the church, do the church service then pray together.

    Seems your hairspray is good. I'm searching for a good hairspray now, i don't wanna harm my lovely hair haha.


  39. Loved the cardigan with the jeans very Kurt Cobain :)

  40. wow.. too bad i have the tights and i don't use hairspray.. good luck for all the contestants anyway.. and btw i've linked your blog honey.. greetings from california :D

  41. *Diana Dye
    *Am SOOOOO a follower! (love the blog!!)
    *I would love the Charm Necklace i always find them to be a bit magical,hahaha! kindda crazy right?
    *My X-Mas was fun spent time with family love them!! and my friends watched some movies had loads of junk food hahaha! oh and i didnt forget about my blog I had something new everday hahaha! because you guys are my firends also so how can i not have something for you right? well love the blog always have and i hope i win i never do awwwwww, maybe you could change that, what do you say? want to help?

  42. Hi Jen~~

    I'm Emily (
    I'm a follower and fan
    I want the tights <33
    I spent my Christmas at home with my family ^^ I'm also 19 in college so it was great after all those final exams.

  43. hope you had a lovely Christmas! I love your cozy brown sweater!

  44. i've been so obsessed w/ tights too! haha. my xmas was spent eating dumplings and hotpot, haha i feel you on the asian thing, but i love it.
    hope you had a great xmas!

  45. Michelle (
    Am a follower of google :)
    I want the forever21 tights
    I'd spend my christmas watching dvds while sipping hot cocoa and opening my presents :)

    Hope I win this lovely giveaway !

  46. I tweeted this giveaway !
    My twitter is @glister_blister

  47. Krissie (
    I'm a follower via Google Reader!
    I love the charm necklace!
    I spent the Christmas with my family, watching silent films, listening to Dean Martin & watching 500 Days of Summer. :)

  48. You had us hooked at "forever 21 ribbed tights"...well maybe all of us except for Alec. In any case, what beautiful pictures you've taken, and we love your blog!

    Rebecca, Maddy and Alec
    La Société de Mode| The Fashion Society

  49. Amazing brown sweater! <3

  50. Alexis J. (
    I am a follower as well as a fan ( do I get extra points for that? =P )
    I want the hairspray. I am so addicted to hair products its insane.
    I spent my Christmas with my girlfriends. We had such a blast!

  51. that cardigan is so immensly cute!

    your blogging success is so well deserved

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment dearest

    I hope you had a fabulous Christmas

    Stay safe and chic darling
    English Rose x

  52. I just remembered I didn;t say thank you as I was clicking 'post comment'

    Thank you so so so so so increidbly much for my nomination - i'm so grateful and it means so much that even one person likes the blog!

    i shall post about it in a couple of days =]

    English Rose x

  53. Charlene (
    I'm a followed your blog through google.
    I want the hairspray just because I'm hair vain.
    I spent my Christmas with my family for the first time after 12 years perhaps.

  54. I love the necklace!


  55. Betina (brsidnay(at)gmail(dot)com)
    I'm a follower
    I love the f21 charm necklace
    well, we spent our christmas at my dad's bestfriend's house. it was sooo great. i played with the kids. how fun it is to threat them to call Santa when they are getting out of control. lol


  56. Thank u Jen! For all the sweet compliments :) haha yeah I hope my account will be a success ;)

    xx Birgit

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. big fan of your vintage cardigan!

  59. Hello jen i'm Silvi (
    I'm your follower of your blog&fan on your chictopia already :) Just find EVASILVIANA, that's me!
    I want your F21 Charm Necklace!! I love accessories :)
    About my favorite christmas, i ever spent imy christmas eve by grilling some steaks at home. Just for my family :)

  60. diane
    i'm a follower.
    would love to win the hairspray.
    i spent my christmas in PA visiting my family. :)

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. I hope I win this giveaway.. :P

    I'm Nadia (, a google reader follower and I'd love the F21 Charm Necklace.

    I spent my Christmas in a traditional way, yet it was wonderful. Me and my family (mom, dad, 2 sisters, 1 brother) went to church on Christmas Eve and then had dinner together. I gave them all early Christmas presents and felt so good about it. Giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving... ^_^

    I think I'll mention this giveaway on my blog. Will inform you the link later..

  63. Posted your giveaway on my blog:


  64. Emma Wallace
    I am a follower!
    I would love, love those tights. Santa forgot to bring me some...
    I spent Christmas eating way too many sweets, playing games and watching Myrna Loy and William Powell be clever and hilarious while solving mysteries and wearing high fashion.

  65. Aww I can't believe you started this blog a month ago . Because your blog is so great ! When my blog is a month old I only got like 10 comments in each post haha . Pretty excited with this giveaway ! I hope I will win haha .

    <3 Becky (
    <3 I'm a follower !
    <3 I'd love to win the tights . I also am a tights addict haha .
    <3 I spent my Christmas with my whole family . We went to a festival . There were a lot of games to play . We tried a 4d movie , ghost house , glass house , flying bike . Aww it was so much fun :)

    I hope you had a great Christmas dear !

  66. Rondah zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com
    I follow
    I want to win the necklace
    I spent Christmas at home sick with the flu

  67. Toks (
    I'm a google follower and I'd love the f21 charm necklace, it's darling.
    I spent my christmas playing with the new iPod dock and cooking for dinner with my mother then at two family parties!

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Betty
    I follow your blog, as well as your chictopia, heheh.

    I would love to win the hairspray, I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow, so if my hair cut turns out crappy, at least I can save it with something, haha..

    I sepnt my Christmas at home, because my hcore asian parents refused to let me go out and party with friends... The worst part, my parents didn't even celebrate. I had to do chinese hw on Christmas day.. Bohoo?

    Just wanted to say, I loveee your style, your floral skirt is to diee for <3

  70. Lisa
    lisakyle91 at hotmail dot com
    google reader follower (as well as bloglovin)
    that charm bracelet is adorable
    I spent my christmas with my family - we had a big lunch and I got to catch up with all my cousins, it was wonderful :)
    Hope you had a lovely christmas too!

    Lisa xx

  71. Tanya
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com
    I'd like to win the charm necklace
    I spent my Christmas at my Mother's house with family

  72. Sophie -

    I'm a follower thru google reader!
    I adore the tights, yes I'm a tights junkie also, lol.
    And I spent xmas eating more brownies than I could ever have (ended up with a tummy ache)

    Thanks for such a sweet giveaway!

  73. Mr. Delicious (
    I spent my Christmas buying candy and driving around in my unmarked van.

  74. Hi darling!

    Jenny: jennybagel at gmail dot com
    I'd love to enter for the awesome tights & I follow you on bloglovin (I hope that's okay!) I ate a thousand things of Chinese food on Christmas and played mahjong because I'm insanely Chinese.

    xo Jenny

  75. Hi Jen! You have such a sweet blog :)

    I'm Larysse from Brazil :)
    I am a Google follower.
    I want the Charm Necklace!
    I spent my Christmas with my lovely boyfriend and his family. I prepared a dessert and we ate lasagna. After that we watched a nice movie under our blankets: Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Have you ever seen it? With Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.

    Bkiss :*

  76. Lovely J...
    I'm a fan :)
    I love the tights! Green! oooo!!
    Spent Christmas eve with my parents & grandma. Had dinner & exchanged gifts that night.. then on Christmas night, spent it with the inlaws :) Prime rib, crab legs, and pumpkin roll! yum

    Love & Aloha, S

  77. Judith (dropkickintheface.xd at gmail dot com)
    I'm a follower!
    I want the tights!
    I spent my Christmas with my family, of course! We baked biscotti and cupcakes and had a big lunch/dinner :]

  78. awesome skirt, and happy new year! xxx


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