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Hana Professional Review & Giveaway

Can I just start off by apologizing for my lack of posting? I'm being a pretty shitty blogger but I've been overwhelmed with pretty much everything. Luckily it's Spring Break now! Although I still have a huge workload, the lack of classes means I get to catch up on sleep! :) So to make it up to you guys I'm having a giveaway!
 A few days ago, Misikko contacted me to do a review on their Hana Professional Flat Iron. I don't straighten my hair anymore but I used to everyday back in high school; nevertheless I was excited! The product was shipped to my house within a day so I was pretty impressed with the shipping (yay for free next day shipping) and the packaging was adorable. I opened up the package to find some white roses and red ribbon and some extra little goodies thrown in! Presentation & Delivery: A+
So the first test was to straighten my hair. My hair is naturally straight but as I grew older a small wave formed. The Before picture is my hair after air drying. I set the straightener to 370°F for Medium hair (I love how I can pick the temperature, which I couldn't with my version of the CHI hair straightener). And the results...
My hair was silky smooth in approximately 3 minutes! I used a little of the Hana Shine Shield that was included with my package which actually made my hair a lot silkier! Straightening: A+
Next up I decided to curl my hair as well to see if those results would rival the results I got from my CHI Straightener...

It was a fast and easy process and my curls stayed in (it's been a few hours and they're still perfectly intact). Although I still prefer my CHI Straightener for softer curls (maybe I'm biased...), I was pretty satisfied with the curls I got from the Hana Professional. :) Curls: B+

Misikko actually offers a ton of other hair styling products such as FHI Flat Irons, CHI Hair Straighteners (that I keep on comparing the Hana to), and Professional Hair Dryers. I'll probably end up checking out the hair dryers since I usually stick to blowing out my hair when I have time in the mornings (my hair dresser scolded me about a year ago for straightening my hair so often when my hair is already straight) :(

So now...YOU GUYS have a chance to win a Hana Professional Hair Straightener! I am beyond excited that one of you guys will be receiving one as well. :)

How to Enter (Mandatory):
1) You must be a Google Friend Connect Follower, Bloglovin' Follower, and/or Chictopia Fan.
2) Leave your name and email (must be a U.S. or Canada Resident)
Extra Entries (Leave each in a separate comment):
1) Follow Misikko on Twitter (1 Extra Entry)
2) Blog about this giveaway! (1 Extra Entry)
3) Join Misikko Newsletter (3 Extra Entries!)

Good Luck and I can't wait to see who wins! I'll have an outfit post in no time, I promise. :)

p.s. Thank you to all of you guys who commented on my last post. I feel a million times better knowing that I'm not the only one who tends to live in the past. I guess it's time to stop looking back and start looking forward, as cheesy as that sounds. You guys are the reason I blog.


  1. Oh your hair is so pretty with the curls! I wish I could curl my hair, but unfortunately my hair is uncontrollable. I swear I have tried to curl it a bunch of times using different methods and lots of hairspray, but it falls out within minutes :( SIGH, the downside to having thick hair. Yay for more sleep and spring break! Ours isn't for another two or three weeks.

  2. your hair looks lovely when it's so sleek and straight! i'm partial to this giveaway, i'm a hair straightening fanatic!

    i'm a follower and i'd love to be included in this giveaway :)

    C from princesspolitico.


  3. Ohh we never get to see your hair curly -- it looks adorable on you!

    Hi, My name is Amy and I'm a follower! Email:

    And I'm having fringe-envy right now. I like to call bangs fringe to sound more posh :P


  4. Jen, I love your hair... those are some awesome curls... so shiny and soft.

    I'm a follower.

    And I have a US address. I can join right? xoxo


  5. The curls look so pretty! I use a straightener to curl my hair too but I have had it for a while so a new one would be perfect!
    I am a google follower!

  6. love the curls on you! and that iron is so cute. and i am of course a googlefriend follower.

  7. Gosh, your hair looks gorgeous either way. I'm hoping to try curling my hair like you did...I hope it comes out nicely!

    I follow you via google!

    utterlyalisha at gmail dot com

  8. haha, I have straight hair, but it tends to curl in certain places as well, lol.

    I love you with curls. Your hair is so healthy!

    You know I'm a fan =)


  9. you have a nice hair!! you look so pretty with the curly hair too :)

  10. Hi beauty--

    You are NOT a bad blogger at all! Not by far, and these little breaks between blog posts just make savor each post more :)

    I love love love LOVE your hair curly! I can't believe how perfect your curls are. You must have magical curling techniques.

    I'd love to enter, I follow with bloglovin.

    xo Jenny

  11. please! your hair looks so amazing with that curl - i would love it for that very reason!! so fun!

    here's to a new much needed beautiful straightner.....


  12. oh my goodness! we're definitely long-lost twins! i mean pin-straight hair turning slightly wavy as one gets older...that HAS to be genetic no? i wish my slight-waved hair was as pretty as yours so i wouldn't have to straighten my hair everyday but winning this giveaway would be amazing<3 i love you with curls! they look so bouncy hehe!

    i am a follower! and my name is jasmine, and my email is

    i love you jen! i hope things are better! email me anytime!

  13. PS. LOVE YOUR ROOM. room tour please? :)

  14. So pretty!
    I can't wait until I get back home where it's not 100% humidity every day for my wacky curly hair to be straightenable again!

    I just found your blog and you and it are adorable!
    Such great outfits.

    Following for sure!


    oh, for the contest my name is Jodie and my email is

  15. wowsers, how CUTE does your hair look curled?? let me tell you, VERY cute! haha.

    i love these photos of you! they're so clear, but i guess your prettiness helps too :)

    please count me in on this giveaway!!

    Christine Ngo

    Of course I am already following you on google reader.

    I am following Misikko on twitter (user name: NgoChristine)

    and I have joined the Misikko newsletter (email:

    hooooray. i really hope i win. i actually need a straightener. ever since mine broke about a year ago i never got around to getting a replacement.

    btw, THANK you for hosting this giveaway :) it's pretty amazing!


  16. My hair did the same thing! Started out stick straight and the older I get the wavier and lighter it gets. Odd. But that's what flat irons are for. :)

    I follow you!!

  17. New follower. I added you on Bloglovin recently and I love this blog.

    Wow! That straightener is totally impressive. I want one even if I don't win!

  18. Your hair looks so pretty all the time! My straightener is super old (I've had it 5 years and it was a hand-me-down from my cousin anyway), so this giveaway would be super cool and it sounds like you got good results!

    I'm a follower of you, I've followed Misikko on twitter and signed up for their newsletter! And I'm so glad Canadians can win!

  19. hi jen

    i think curl is good on you ,
    you looks really great
    whats plans today

  20. aahhh i love what you did with your hair when it was curly.. i still haven't gotten around to trying that out since i do have a curling iron. that straightener would be nice to have!! so of course, count me in this giveaway! :D


  21. I used to have really straight hair and it turned wavy a few years ago too! :( love how it looks both straightened and curly!

  22. Gosh! You look great with natural, straightened and curled hair! I'm jealous ><!

    Ngaw, too bad I'm an Australian :(

  23. Oh my gosh I love your curls! I'm too much of a muppet to curl my hair with straighteners.
    I'm so sad I can't enter, I desperately need new straigteners.

  24. Awww I really really wish I could enter this because my hair straightener doesnt curl and I really need a new one, but I am in Australia :( Goodluck to everyone else though. Your hair looks beautiful, before, straightened and curled!

  25. ooo great giveaway, jen! count me in! i love ur hair curly above. too cute!:)

    p.s. i'm a chi fan, too hehe

  26. oHH!!
    I simply love the curls on you!!! they look fantastic!
    Kiss Kiss!!!
    Hahahah it sucks to be in Europe!

  27. I would love this but I'm not qualified to join this giveaway. Waah!

  28. Never heard of this brand before but I like what I've read about it so far. I too am a big fan of Chi! Would love to have the chance to own one this straightener though!

    I'm a follower via Google!

  29. Oh- and I follow Misikko via twitter!
    beijos- Tiffany-

  30. Nice blog.
    permission to put on my site?

  31. Ohh thank you so much for your lovely comment dear ! I'm glad you're feeling better now . Yay for holiday ! Haha . That straightening iron looks great ! Your hair looks silky and lovely . How I wish I live in USA or Canada ;) Anyway , hope you're having a great holiday ! xoxox

  32. you're so pretty jen! looking gorgeous both with straight hair and curls :) i like my curls more natural looking too.

  33. oh my, those curls are so luscious! i love dual-purpose straightener! i hope I can win this cus' my current one is ready to be retired :( I'm following you via Google Connect :)

    my email:

    *crossing my fingers & toes*

  34. Hope you're doing better. I'm not a US resident so I can't enter, but the curls look so cute! And yes, that place is my back garden :)

  35. LOVE your hair! i would love to win this iron!
    i am a google follower!

  36. I also Follow MIsikko on Twitter!!


  37. Just wanted to say that your review was great(and I thought the letter grades were especially cute). Both hairstyles are amazing, but I think I prefer the air dry look - just enough bounce to it!

  38. your hair is gorgeous!
    just dont straighten it too much it ruins the hair
    ugh and ive been a shitty blogger too i feel i mean i just posted today but i hadnt posted since the 7th.. :( so overwhelmed but cuute blog!

  39. I cant enter as I live in the UK, but I love your hair!

  40. you have indeed nice hair ! and color of your hair is amazing !

  41. ooooh lovely!
    mhh, I live in the Netherlands. So no give-away for me.

  42. uR HaiR iS GOoD..
    aNd iF u wEre heRe iN JaKaRta-iNdONeSia..
    i wOuLd LiKe tO sTYLiNg uR BeaUtiFuLL haiR..
    MaY i?

  43. Ah, I love the result - your hair is gorgeous! Great giveaway; but I'm not going to enter...I just won this product from Snapshot Fashion - can't wait for it to arrive!! :)

  44. I am a follower :)
    Audrey Allure

  45. Jen!! Super duper cutie! Your hair looks great natural, straigtened, and curly!! What a great flat iron. I'm so in need of a new one... by poor Chi is on the verge of dying... so I'll be crossing my fingers and toes till the 19th. :) I hope you're having a great spring break sweetie.


    xx Love & Aloha

    p.s. and yes I joined the Misikko Newsletter :)

  46. you have naturally gorgeous hair anyway, but i love the curls :D

  47. Fab giveaway, darling!
    Your hair looks amazing!


  48. How wonderful! What a great giveaway! I follow with Bloglovin and my name is Tieka, email is tiekadierolf at gmail dot com! :)

  49. PS. i tagged you in my blog! :)

  50. wow,.. it's so cute hair jen, absolutely your curly hair ;)

  51. Wow! You save my life… I was crazy try to find a way to curl me hair, noy that it is growing!!! Nut I never imagined it can be that easy!!!


  52. Cute! Love the curly hair!

    I'm a chictopia fan.

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  53. Get Exclusive Deals From Misikko!

    Thank you for signing up for the Misikko newsletter! Please add to your email contacts to ensure that you receive the next edition of our newsletter.


    heres the confirmation of me signing up for the newsletter


    here is my twitter and i follow Misikko

  55. I really need a new straightner!!! haha

  56. cute! i like your hair like this. xoxo

  57. nicee! I have an adress (p.o. box) in usa... that counts?
    i really love the curly hair with straighteners...

    and i follow you via google!

  58. I love your hair curled!
    I can't wait until my hair grows longer; my hair doesn't really look all that good curled.

    I'm a follower!

  59. I subscribed to their newsletter!


  60. Three minutes?? That is pretty darn impressive. It takes me at least 20 minutes with my straightener!

    I'm a follower of you and of Misikko on twitter.

  61. awwww.... i wish i can join this give-away. definitely need a iron..:D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  62. wow your hair looks great!!!!! I want! I'm a follower and here's my comment :)

  63. you look so georgeous with the curly hair looks!!! your hair is just sooo beautiful and shiny!

  64. hey, too bad i cant enter this contest :/ oh well! i dont have very much luck with this sorta thing anyways ;)
    ur not THAT shitty at blogging, better than me, anyways. :P
    havent posted in like, a month? whoaa... :S haha!

  65. following you in all ways!


  66. tweeted it too!


    killer give-a-way... take a peek!

  67. and following misikko on twitter...

  68. lastly... joined the newsletter too... wow, i want this!

  69. You are toooooooo cute!!!!!
    This is my first time on your blog, and I was really excited about reading this review because I've been in the market for a new straightener lately. (I broke it straightening my boyfriends hair...hahaha)
    So even if I don't win this (becuase the chances are so low ;)), I may consider this straightener!

    Love always,

    (following on twitter!)

  70. blog follower!

  71. i follow you on twitter :)!

  72. signed up for the newsletter!

  73. How many beautiful tights you have?? :D

    Jealous for good weather :/

  74. my hair always get so crazy in the summer... this would be great!
    i am a follower on bloglovin!

    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  75. i really want this!!! i so badly need a straightener that works!

  76. I'm a follower on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin'. My email: Thanks! Annie.

  77. I love your hair with curls! You must be sick of hearing it, but it looks cute on you :)

  78. OH MY GOD your hair looks gorgeous!! :)

  79. gorgeous! you look so pretty in curly hair. maybe you can try to curl your hair one day :))


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