So I don't think any of you guys realized...but the outfit in my last post was supposed to be an April Fool's joke. :P  Some of my friends saw it and instantly started laughing or thought it was atrocious (which was the intended response), which makes me wonder...did you guys mean all those positive comments you left?

I mean, style isn't a definite thing and everyone has their own interpretations of it. Maybe some of you guys actually did like aspects of the outfit I posted. Or did you guys find yourself in an awkward situation where you didn't want to offend me so just left a neutral comment? Personally though, I just put together a lot of silly things (which explains the pigtails and the badass shades) and tried to look as ridiculous as possible. I did try to stick to the same color theme so it was subtle enough (except for that cardigan obviously) so maybe I pulled it off? One of my best friends compared me to Ugly Betty! Walking outside was a pain though; I put on a giant trench coat to hide my outfit. :P

Anyway, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the tags and awards I got in the past month: Best Blog Award from The Fashion Whore, the Cherry on Top Award from Cassiopeia and the Sunshine Award from Chloe (Butterfly Cupcakes and Daffodils) and Allison (Last Boat Leaving). Also, I got "Bag Tagged" by both Sharon (elisharon) and Cassiopeia! I have to admit, I only really use my bag for going to class so it's full of books, pens, and pencils, but I'll show you guys anyway! If I'm going out I just shove everything into random pockets.

(statistics binder, accounting textbook, sketchbook, orbit gum, $10, cell phone, iPod, hairband, pencil sharpener, planner, important cards, pens/pencil, dorm room key) 

Oh, and this is for Lyssa (I didn't forget!):

p.s. Next time I'll have an actual outfit. Promise :)


  1. Honestly, I loved the outfit without the cardi or the hair do. I loved the floral pattern of the top with the striped skirt. Of course, someone described my blog as what would happen if the Sartorialist went blind and did a PhD....

  2. Hhahahaha!!
    Ok... we don't have april's fool in Spain and I thought, Ok, anyone can make mistakes...
    How are your exams going??
    Kiss from Spain!

  3. I thought it was pretty adorable,
    but i don't mind :p
    Cute pictures, i love the two finger one.
    panda. x

  4. hahaha! well this is good, it means you have loads of followers who love you so much you could go outside in a bin bag and get complimented!!
    i like the 'fun-ness' of the outfit-if thats a word!! lol my friend used to actually dress similarly to this and although it wasn't really my taste, it expressed her bubbly full of life carefree personality! and its more important to have fun with fashion and were outfits that work for you!

    i really did think your hair looked cute btw!! hehe :)

  5. Hahaha, oh dear, thanks for posting it! I loved your fingers faces. They seem so calm and happy :)This really made me laugh! You are the cutest <3

    And talking about the last post, I did think you were cute, you know, I love Ugly Betty, hahaha. And, well, to be honest, first I thought 'this is weird' but then I thought 'Iwho cares, she is Jen, she can wear whatever she wants', hahahaha... Did you see what happened yesterday at What Would a Nerd Wear? You guys are amazing. I just wrote a post about Pinnochio, because in Brazil, April 1st is the Day of the Lies, no of the fool's, and as I don't like lies I decided to write a piece of Pinnochio's story for us to remember the lesson we've learnt with him when we were little.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for posting the pic!I will NEVER forget it =D I like you a lot!
    xoxox, have a happy and bright weekend!

  6. I love seeing how the contents of your bag are so different from mine. It's quite refreshing :)

  7. BAHAHAHA! I love you Jen, that was hilarious! I missed it yesterday, but don't, worry, I would have called your bluff. Although I saw a particularly epic fail on some blog yesterday where someone posted an outfit and someone else was like 'oh, great april fool!' and it WASN'T. Although she did look like shit anyway. At any rate, I was so worried about sycophantic comments I just went with a standard ginger mullet prank...

  8. Ahahaha to be perfectly honest I was wondering about the pig tails. However, I really do think that outfit could be pulled off! Maybe minus the tights though :)


  9. Haha I did think your outfit was adorable! It was different but colorful and fun! Actually I thought you were going to a party or something...but what a good prank :)

  10. haha no, I actually really liked it! I mean it was a little bright but I would totally wear it! oh well. ya got me. *blush*

  11. aww jen! i love how you carry a non-mechanical pencil AND a pencil sharpener<3

    your last post made me giggle yesterday but i wasn't able to comment :( i do love the skirt--it reminds me of a sunset! you must wear it again! :)

  12. Hahah I think you really looked good yesterday ;)!

  13. hahaha cutie!! :)

    and i love that bag.

  14. LOL!!! Love your silly April Fools outfit!! ;)

    And I love seeing what people carry in their bags!!

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  15. there were some good elements of your april fool's outfit but i really did think the shades was the joke!LOL.

    yey, we have the same ipod...it looks like it's not only me who has switched to ipod touch or nano..hehe.

    ♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. I really didn't want to say anything...you know, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. That's why I just congratsed (yes, that's a word) you on your intern, now that's not to say that when I don't comment I don't like your outfit, but I get tired of the, "you look so cute/pretty"...or, "I love your shoes/cardigan"...
    Anyway, glad it was a joke and you got me!

  17. LOL! I thought you looked cute with pigtails anyways =) Haha!

    I love the fingers! That's so cuuuute! And the colours of your bag are fab! I might sport for something of similar colours =P My current bag is killing my shoulder ='(

  18. You look good in everything, that's my answer.

    These fingers are lovely.

  19. Hey hun!! Catching up on ur blog, I saw the outfit, all I can say u look stunning in anything you wear : ) xxx

  20. Haha. Just catching up with your blog. Your April fool's post joke was hilarious. But honestly, minus the hair and the glasses and the sweater, the outfit was pretty cool.


  21. Nice finding your blog
    Thejoke was hilarious,
    Love the bag anyway :)

    Dian Prad

    Forever and Ever By Dian Prad
    Come visit mine :)

  22. and yes, I followed you :)
    Forever and Ever By Dian Prad
    Comment-Follow- exchange Link ?

  23. Hilarious! But it was still kind of a fun outfit. I like all the colors.

  24. I actually liked your outfit.. hahaha! I wasn't so sure about your hair but I didn't comment on that in case you decided you actually wanted to do your hair like that.

  25. haha awesome april fool's joke. i didn't see your outfit until you posted this one. i'd say most people probably didn't get that it was april fools joke and went on to comment nice things as they always do. i'm sure there were those people who were afraid and just commented nice sayings just because they are nice people.

    anyway, your bag is very pretty and looks very versatile for school! where did you get it??

  26. hahahahahah... not to be rude but i'm glad i didn't comment something fake or neutral... in my head i was like, "well... i like the color of her tights but that's just not enough" :) glad to see you've followed up your very cute joke with a fun post! your bag is MUCH MUCH more organized and functional than mine...


  27. a joke? haha I really do love the colours in that outfit. Oranges are my favourite. The little photo with the fingers is cute.

  28. perhaps you are so beautiful that even the most offensive outfit looks like the shroud of the goddess on you.


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