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Picking Locks

The weather outside is lovely again, which is weird since it was a little bit chilly this morning. I keep on putting my sweater on then taking it back off. I bet it'll be chilly again once the sun sets. (Why do I always talk about the weather? I'm turning into a weatherman.)

Anyway, I'm really wishing I had more time these days. Granted I'm quite the procrastinator and I have the inability to say no to my friends, but even so I'm running out of time to do all the things I need to do. I won't bore you with my gigantic to-do list, but I think I'm going to take a break for the next hour before I leave for class and catch up with you guys. Classes really are the bane of my existence.

So on a whole other topic, as many of you guys know, I go to Rutgers University...and guess what? We're one of the top two schools in the running for a Victoria's Secret Pink party! Okay, okay, so I don't really shop there (except for when I get those coupons for a free pair of underwear. I mean really, why wouldn't you go pick one up?) but a huge party hosted by Victoria's Secret sounds pretty damn awesome. We're up against West Virginia University and they're getting ahead! So if you're bored and finding yourself sitting in front of your computer with nothing to do...go sign up and VOTE for Rutgers! (Unless you're a fan of West Virginia...which in that case just forget about this part of my post.) :) I've been clicking my mouse on that VOTE button like crazy all day. I'll probably end up with carpel tunnel syndrome by the end of this competition.

(t-shirt forever 21, belt h&m, skirt wet seal, shoes unionbay (kohl's), rings forever 21)

I'm going home tomorrow morning to get my bangs trimmed by my hairdresser. They're starting to obstruct my vision again and it's not helping with my eye allergies. I'm also going to get new frames for my lenses since my current ones are falling apart. I have kind of a wide face shape and because I'm Asian and don't have much of a bridge on my nose, I can't wear those thick plastic frames unless they have that padding that makes them stay on your nose. Any suggestions for frame styles? 

Now that I think about it, you guys have never seen me with my glasses. I'm always wearing my contacts (yes, my vision is quite horrible) but maybe one day I'll opt for my glasses. That'll be one craaaazy outfit post. :P 

Another question: When I revamp my site this weekend, I'm thinking of changing around my banner a little to a different font and a different pattern/color. What do you guys think? Any suggestions or comments? I'm also so indecisive so anything is appreciated. :)

Ah! One final piece of exciting news: my IFB Blogger Spotlight interview is up! Go check it out! I'm so lame. This is seriously beyond exciting in my world. :P


  1. As you get older, you'll learn how to say no without feeling guilty. :)

    I voted for your school. I have no comment about WV...

    Now you know you shouldn't be trying to pick locks. ;)

    Still can't wait to see what the new blog layout will look like. No suggestions, here (but I don't like 3-columns).

    Have fun at home this weekend!

  2. Cute sunglasses!:)

  3. 1.Hey cute stuff, I was waiting desperately for your post!(absolutely did not want to sound like a creep, but come on! you are adorable!)
    2.I like the picture where you are twirling in your pretty skirt! Very twirly!
    3.And congrats on being selected as the IFB blogger spotlight!!
    4.I like the header the way it is. But then I am going through some serious creative block.
    5.Love your hair!
    I am queen of disconnected thoughts. Hence the list. :)

  4. this outfit is perfection!
    and i'm so happy you got picked for IFB! yay!!! :)

  5. I like your skirt,
    I like your sunglasses.
    I like the girl on the photo' s (:

  6. Lucky Lucky!
    I still have to wear tights and at least a cardi and a trench if I am going to be outside for a long time. And that was the forecast from northern Spain XD
    Nice Outfit! I love the skirt!
    Kiss from Spain!

  7. Nice outfit! :) I like the belt and the skirt a lot, and the entire is simple but classic. Yeah, weather is a critical part of the how people dress so don't feel bad if you talk a lot about it.

    I personally LOVE my glasses. I mean, its the ultimate fashion accessory (in my opinion)--it tells people who you are! ... and that you have bad vision. But meh! Lots of people have bad vision!
    I have this fear of contacts too... like one day they'll get stuck in my eye lids or something *shudders*

    Oh, and congrats on your interview and your school!

  8. I adore your skirt!
    what state are you in?
    yeah, I would suggest a bloggers day, but I'm only there for 2 days, and thanks, Ive just filled an entire sketch book with designs, so there are plenty more!


  9. I love you simple, beautiful summery outfit! i think the weather affects us so much be it it our mood or the way we dress that it is so normal to talk about it! I talk about the weather every time :O
    hope your school wins the competition!

  10. you look so cute, love the skirt you are wearing!

  11. I just picked out new frames not too long ago, and went with the glasses I'm wearing today....they're similar to the thicker frames that most people have, but with a bit of a different shape to them....the frames are a little fuller and rounder rather than just straight across.

    Just pick out a bunch of frames that you like (even if they seem very similar to one another) and try them all will be surprised how the tiniest difference makes the biggest change.

    I love your outfit today...casual but still cute. That skirt is absolutely adorable!

  12. Ah! We were so close to beating Rutgers! Literally every minute I would click "vote", I am thinking I have a slight case of carpel tunnel as well. But it's ok :) Hope you all win! It's weird a few of my family graduated from both schools, so I am rooting for both!
    & I love, love, love that skirt!

  13. Little bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment their. The outfit is gorgeous! I love it.


  14. love your outfit! I like how your banner looks right now! Mhh what for a different color would you prefer? What do you think about..purple? or a orchid pink. I think that would look nice on your blog!

  15. COngrats on the Blogger Spotlight at IFB. You deserve it.

  16. love the skirt and the gladiators.

    I like your header as it is, I think the font suits but I'm interested to see what you do.

  17. Another fabulous spring outfit Jen... now, you remind me to have my hair trimmed too. Congrats on the IFB feature... well-deserved my dear. xoxo

  18. I really like your banner how it is, but maybe you could do some pretty flowers in it? Purplies and pinkies? :D && congrats on the spotlightt! <3

    I love your skiirrttty <3

  19. congrats on the ifb post! i love your sandals.

  20. that floral skirt is awsome, with the plain tee, its simple amazing!
    i love your style and i think you have a great sense of fashion and trends! keep it up,
    love, harajukuloveee ;)
    (also on chivtopia)

  21. you are too adorable
    i tooottally lovelovelove your outfit! <3

  22. That skirt is adorable! And I so know what you mean about procrastinating. The end of the semester is too close to bear. I'm getting into panic mode with all the shiz I have to finish. AHH.


  23. love ur outfit, jen! ah, i know what u mean with the whole saying no to friends hehe although, i noticed that as i become older, it gets a tad bit easier:) hehe how about a banner with one of ur cute poses?:D

  24. i REALLY like that skirt, you're so cute!

  25. cute skirt! i want it..

  26. Such lovely photos! I love the one where the skirt billows. You're outfit is so beautiful! <3

  27. You look so beautiful. I love the outfit, and I really love the stacked rings from F21.

    And I actually really like your banner and layout. I especially like the font ...maybe the colour could be bolder?

  28. pretty skirt jen!
    oh im gonna read your interview now :)

    join my giveaway :) 1205 giveaway

  29. I love your skirt, and the first photo of you is so cute x

  30. so cute!! love your skirt and your ring!

    oh man i ALWAYS talk about the weather. haha i always make sure my outfits are weather appropriate because i've learned my lesson!

  31. Congrats on the IFB spotlight! I love your skirt and rings. Such a cute outfit!


  32. So pretty! I love the pic where you're spinning around and your skirt is flaring cute :)

  33. Hey sweets!! Looking gorgeous as always!! Congrats on IFB- I saw it in my newsletter : ) xx

  34. What a perfect skirt for this lovely weather!

    I love the pics in the last post - so cute!

  35. love this skirt, the cut & the print. congrats on the ifb!

  36. ah jen! this is so spring-y! i love it! that skirt is so cute and unique since it's not the normal floral print (like mine....)! your belt really completes it :)

    I LOVE YOU<3

  37. Congrats on your blogger spotlight, thats so cool!
    This outfit is so cute and classic, love the sandals!

  38. i love your skirt very much !
    the belt cinches the look beautifully !
    xoxo. michelle
    dont forget to enter my Sex and the City 2 Film Set Tour @ NYC giveaway !

  39. way toooo cute!

    love the skirt

    and jealous of the weather!

  40. what a cute skirt... i love this last shot!

  41. Jen! You are so so so so cute! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend. HUGS sweetie!

    xx Love & Aloha

    **Stop by to enter my ~Une Very Stylish Fille Giveaway~

  42. btw jen.. forgot to mention it on the comment.. since i have flat asian nose as well..i think a rectangle shaped frames with thick frames will suit you can try finding ones that have a short length in between the two glasses so they dont fall off :)

    you can check this post of mine
    for the glasses type :)

    hope you have had a nice weekend !!
    new outfit post up on

  43. i can relate. i am korean. it's tough living as an Aussie and not EVER finding sunglasses or glasses that EVER fit my nose. *sigh*

  44. I love that floral skirt on you!! It's so fun and flirty.

    Enter to win a vintage button-down shirt!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  45. sometimes i just want to hit the 'pause' button life is busy and crazy sometimes that i wish i can just unwind and relax without ever having to feel like i wasted my day..hehe.

    lovely skirt jen!
    congrats on the IFB spotlight!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  46. awww that floral skirt is sooo cute on you!! and i just love how your posts always tell a story!!

  47. I loooove this outfit!
    very nice blog!

    Living The Vogue

  48. So cute outfit ! I love your skirt ! I've published my review about it on my blog !


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