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Sponsor Feature: Aimi Boutique

I'd like to introduce you guys to one of my sponsors, Aimi Boutique! Aimi is one of the sweetest girls and her store is full of cheap, unique, and adorable products! There's various accessories, clothes, and shoes that I just want to get my hands on. When I first discovered Aimi Boutique through Jasmine (the Robot Pocket Watch necklace was featured on one of our dynamic duo posts), I automatically fell in love with everything else. I was looking for a cute alternative to a watch at the time since I was sick of relying on my cell that little necklace came along just in time!

How gorgeous is this Calico Dress? I'm in love with deep v-necks recently and that calico pattern is adorable. Every time I think of the word calico I always think of the Little House on the Prairie series...strange, I know. I used to adore those books with all my heart.

I've actually been eying the Boat Collar Striped Top in the picture above. I adore the soft colors against the darker gray and it looks like the perfect top to wear for a comfortable day inside with a cup of hot tea with spoonfuls of honey. :) I've been debating for the past week whether or not to break my shopping ban to get it.

Definitely stop by Aimi Boutique for some eye candy. I know I've spent one too many hours drooling over pretty much everything. Well I think it's time for a nap. I feel like all I do these days is sleep! I guess that's what summer is for though, yeah?

PSST! Don't forget to use the 10% off code on your purchase: mrz2010
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