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15 for 15: Looks 1-5

So I'm already 1/3 of the way through my 15 for 15 challenge and I can't believe it's passing by so fast! Here's a quick recap of the first five looks and I can't wait for the next ten. Let me know your favorite! :)

Favorite Look (1-5)?
Look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Look 4
Look 5 


  1. These are all so fantastic, but since you made me choose I voted for #5.

  2. i'm having a difficult time choosing the 1st one with the statement necklace...and the 2nd one with the smart accessories and color combo..hehe. ultimately, i choose the 1st outfit...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. Seonc and the fifth are my favorite.. they has lots of variety. ;D

  4. These looks are all so different, but I have to say my favorite is the first, imply because I LOVE those shorts! Such a great and simple combination. This 15 for 15 challenge is GREAT. It's such a great idea and a great way to remix clothing. Some people think they need to buy more and more clothing, when actually, they can create so many different looks with a few great pieces!

  5. oh!
    i've been there! locked out of my own car.
    i was all alone and sort of looked like a lost child
    all my valuables were inside the car. my phone, my wallet, my townhouse key. so using the extra key was not an option (cause the extra car keys are INSIDE my townhouse and there it was, my townhouse key, inside the car)! Boy. It was a crazy day!

    i love look 5 the best
    i like the bow tie collar and the blue shade your top has
    just perfection :)

    10 looks left!
    can't wait to see how it comes out ;)


  6. Ah outfit one is the best! The perfect casual summer outfit and I'm officially in love with those shorts!

  7. Ahhh it's so difficult to pick a favorite, I love them all! I really like how you wore your jeans two different ways, yet they evoke such different vibes!

  8. the first one is my favourite so far :) can't wait to see the rest!!

  9. tough choice, but i'm going with five, as i love the color of the top!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. ahh you are so pretty jen. i really can only pick ONE? :(

    I have that same gap top :P

  11. i like them all.
    but mostly i like no.3, because it's simpleness.
    i think jen as a goat really made a good point there, :) i'm kidding ^.^

  12. Look 2, definitely, very stylish and elegant, yet a hint of sex appeal.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. All of these outfits are so adorable! I had trouble picking between 2 and 5 but I ended up choosing #2. You are adorable, as always! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  14. Look number five is my favorite because that shirt is so perfect, but all of these outfits are great!

  15. Voted for look number 2, i love all the looks...:)

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  17. look #5 is my favorite for obvious reasons hehe :)

  18. aaahhh i love the latest outfit with the dynamic duo!! :D

    cant wait to see more, jen! :D

    Animated Confessions

  19. I love all of them!! If I have to chose, that would be number 5!! xoxoxoxoo

  20. You look fabulous in all your outfits hun, if I had to choose- number 2 : ) Have a lovely weekend and happy friday xx

  21. its diffcult to choose ,, i like the 1st , 2nd and the last onee!! but the most i think is 2nd :DD.
    Have a great weekend :DD

  22. i obviously choose the look number 5, its stunning!!


  23. Number 1 :)

    Although you look pretty in all of them! Sweet kisses for you Jen!

  24. Gorgeous looks, darling!
    Especially loving #5!


  25. I voted for look # 3 because it was my absolute favorite; but...I have a soft spot for looks 2 nd 4, as well!! :)

  26. #1 is hands down my favorite one from this challenge so far :D

  27. i voted for the 1st one!
    fabulous outfits!!

    Im holding a giveaway for american bloggers, enter to win a fabulous necklace!

  28. I think look five is my favorite, but honestly they are all so creative and adorable. I'd seriously wear each one.

  29. I think look five is my favorite, but honestly they are all so creative and adorable. I'd seriously wear each one.

  30. I love 1,2 and 5 - I can't choose!

    Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comments and support darling, it really means a lot ♥

    Have an immense weekend dearest =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  31. These all look amazing, its too hard to pick a favorite! Mabee the first or second? I love all your light summer neutrals.

  32. Ohhh my gosh number two is GORGEOUS. They all are, but I love that you paired that shirtdress with your cardi. SOOO cute. I'm definitely putting that into my inspiration folder on my computer! Adorable! All of your looks are utterly inspiring:) I can't wait to see what you do with my gold skirt!!


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