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Sponsor Feature: Last Boat Leaving

Just giving a quick shout out to one of my newest sponsors, Last Boat Leaving! Allison has the cutest etsy shop with a ton of unique items, from dresses to accessories. There's even a John Lennon canvas painting up for sale that was actually painted by her brother! I love it and it'd be perfect hanging in a dorm room or the living room of an apartment. I think it's awesome that his art is for sale since it's nice knowing who the artist is rather than buying a mass-produced replica from Target (I still love you, Target!). 

My absolute favorite items in her shop are these cameo-styled rings! They're adjustable to any size and I can't get over how beautiful they are. I can't wait until my shopping ban is over because if these are still available I'm snatching them up!

Don't forget you can use the code "JENNI31" for 15% any item! :)
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