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9/15 | Dynamic Duo Numero Six

That's right! Jasmine and I managed to sneak another Dynamic Duo into both of our challenges using the same sailor top that I can't get enough of. I love that we both paired the top with a dark skirt but in different ways. This is Jasmine's 14th look (she's doing the 21 for 21 challenge) and this is my 9th look (I'm doing the 15 for 15 challenge). I'm almost 2/3 of the way there! I have to say I'm definitely learning the value of my clothes and the benefits of remixing.

I remember my high school days where each item of clothing would have an assigned outfit. Every time I wore a specific top, it would be in the same exact way I always wore it. Thinking back on those days I'm surprised I didn't get bored of the same looks repeated every two weeks! Don't get me wrong, I still have those guilty days where I repeat an outfit (you guys just don't see it posted!) but now I use one item to create various looks. You get so much more out of your clothes and the need to buy more and more vanishes - although, I have to admit, the want never completely disappears.  

Guess where I took these pictures? At my middle school - again. This time the track wasn't occupied by random citizens doing push-ups or taking an afternoon stroll so I decided to occupy it with a little asian girl and her tripod. There was an abandoned desk nearby (and a chewed up pencil I probably shouldn't have picked up) so I decided to take some shots there since my suspenders gave my look a little bit of a school-girl feel. :)

I just wanted to point out how much I love Jasmine's white oxfords from Aldo. I still have yet to find that perfect, affordable pair of oxfords for the fall! I've been craving a pair for about half a year now and I was hoping my craving would eventually disappear. Unfortunately, it hasn't.

The fedora I'm holding in my pictures is from a giveaway Lora hosted on her blog: In Bug's Drawers. I love it to death but there's just one head is too big. :( Don't laugh, it's seriously a problem! It wouldn't be so bad if my head was so big because of all the knowledge inside of it. I'm pretty sure it's just full of absolute nonsense though.

on jasmine: (top urban outfitters, skirt urban outfitters, shoes aldo, belt urban outfitters, bow etsy)

on me: (top urban outfitters, suspenders borrowed from brother, skirt forever 21, flats urban outfitters, hat giveaway)

Oh, and I would just like to point out how ridiculously sexy my white mini-van is looking in my photos. 


  1. what an adorable shirt. i love how you styled it with those cute suspenders!

  2. This is at least the second time you've worn the suspenders and said "borrowed" from your brother. But have you returned them, yet? Admit it, Jen, you stole them! :P

  3. omg jen my head is too big for hats too!! it must be in our genes hehe :) i love your outfit jen! i need suspenders!!!!!!!! my shoes were on sale for $20 online so you should buy them once your challenge is over! yay for us almost being done!!!

  4. How perfect are you two here?! I love the suspenders with your outfit! I'm sorry the hat doesn't fit, I have that problem sometimes too! I remember I had to pass up two boater hats I saw just because my head was too big :(

  5. hahaha!!! yay for the sexy mini van!

    you both look adorable!! im about to comment on jasmine's post in another window too!! hahaha! :D i love these dynamic duo posts, you know.. when both of your challenges are over, bestie and i will invite you for our my way, her way! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Greats looks!! and so funny pictures :)


  7. i have always remixed my outfits as a kid..but i had the tendency to repeat something several times like my old pair of men's khakis that i found to be so comfortable and thought they looked good paired with all my tops! haha!

    as always, you both look so cute in your sailor tops!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  8. You're both so cute! I love it! Such a cute top :)

  9. i love these dynamic duo posts, jen:) i can't get enough of that sailor top, too! u look so cute with those suspenders and shorts! thanks again for ur encouraging comment on my last post:) it was really uplifting and i'm so happy that i found blogging friends like u!:)

  10. aww, you two look adorable!! i love sailor tops and dresses, still on the search for my own!

  11. again i have to admit that you both are too cute!

  12. i adoree this look of urs!! too cuteee with tat suspender,, i thing i need to find one too :DD and im also looking for an affordable oxford shoes !!


  13. I remember the HS days of outfit repeating, I pretty much wore the same outfit every tuesday for a year. Haha.

    I've been on an oxford quest as well - I'm fairly certain I know the ones I want, but they won't be available until September!

    Both you and jasmine look adorable, that shade is so lovely!

  14. i love when you guys have dynamic duo posts.
    it is neat to see how each of you styled the shirt.
    i love how you paired suspenders with the black skirt.
    you both look as lovely as usual!


  15. i love these dynamic duo posts! love her shoes too and your suspenders are awesome. as always you look adorable x

  16. Lovely looks and fun pics!
    Great top!


  17. That top is just adorable!


  18. You two are adorable! I loved both of your choices. I also love oxfords and I'm looking for a pair too, actually I found them once, but they were too expensive. The thing you said about remixing clothes make us all feel the need of learning how to do great remixes and not only buy new and sometimes, unecessary stuff. Have a great day! xoxo


    P.S.: glad you liked the post about adjectives ;) you are really something! <3

  19. AWESOME POSSUM. You both look SO ADORABLE. You two are actually the cutest in these dynamic duos!

    Also, can I just add a SUSPENDERS FOR THE WIN AW YEAH?! Yeah. I love it.

    And dammmmnnn, I'd tap dat mini-van! ;) (Oh golly, I sound like a desperately perverted old man, so I'll clarify: NO THATS NOT TRUE.)

  20. AHHH SUSPENDERS. I just got some suspenders recently, I've been wanting to wear them but I'm all SAVE OUTFITS FOR SCHOOL SIUFYSUDFGYSDGKFDH. YOU LOOOK SO CUUTE. And your location is too perfect ahhhh. I'm so sorry your hat doesn't fit.. I have that same problem. We are just very intelligent. We hold much knowledge in our hairs and heads. :D

  21. I can totally relate to this post. I use to be the exact same when I was in high school. I was rotate my outfits and wear the same top with the same bottom. I rarely do that nowadays but I have to admit, sometimes I repeat outfits, but I'm glad I have better fashion sense and I'm a little more brave when it comes to mixing my outfits. Great post, Jen. You and Jasmine are adorable. And thank you for your super sweet comment. It really made my day :) Take care and have yourself a nice weekend.

  22. you're cute, hehe.
    and omg, i have the exact same problem with hats... MY HEAD IS TOO BIG :'(

  23. You both look so cute! That top is darling and you are really making me want to try one of these 15-for-15 challenges.


  24. Cute. You have set me off on a need for braces (or suspenders as you would say).

  25. although, I have to admit, the want never completely disappears.
    haha.. u speak my mind ^^

    those sailor top really worth having didn't it? hey.. there's no pic where u wear your fedora, i'm sure u look cute on it :)

    i envy your middle school with it's epic spot.

  26. I'm feeling those suspenders like whoa, I'm on the search for some extra skinny ones my self =)


  27. i love these posts! super cute duo!

  28. I love how you both styled this cute top! And your hat and suspenders definitely add a boyish, yet still sweet, touch.

  29. ok so dis is super cute well u look adorable:)


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