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Guest Post: Lt. Dan Weekend

Hi, Taylor here, from Auburn Not Red. I'm filling in for the adorable Jen while she's away having fun without us. At least I think she's having fun. I really don't know what this mysterious trip of hers is all about.
She gave me permission to solicit donations, well maybe not exactly, but she is allowing me to say a few words about the Independence Fund, who I've been a volunteer with for the past several months and will continue to do so at least until the Lt. Dan Weekend, which begins in very late September.
(As you may know, Jen, herself, is an avid volunteer and spokesperson for the March of Dimes in her area and has been very supportive of my cause, as well. Thank you, Jen!)

Rather than go way into what it is all about and losing you quickly, the Independence Fund helps severely disabled "war on terror" veterans by purchasing and donating $25,000 special wheelchairs and writing grants that cover uncovered medical bills.
The Lt. Dan Weekend (in conjunction with the Beaufort Shrimp Festival - check out their crazy logo!) will bring in 75+ veterans and their caregivers (covering travel, lodging and meals) for a 3-day weekend that includes seminars, an activity day, a free concert put on by the Lt. Dan Band featuring Gary Sinise and a 5K walk/run and 11, 22 or 33-mile bike ride that the veterans will be participating in.

The Independence Fund is reaching a goal of $60,000 to fund this event but still needs to raise $15,000 more before the event beginning Sept. 29.

Please stop by my blog if you can help donate to this cause.
If you're in the area, please join us for the weekend. You'll get to see Gary perform and help out a bunch of soldiers in the process.

*swoon, right?!*

Be sure to also stop by my blog to say "hi" or enter any of my giveaways that I have going on.
(two new one's for the month of August!)
Thanks for your time and I can't wait to see the photos of Jen's trip!

And, here, I'll leave you with an impromptu photo shoot of my newest purchase to keep with the fashion blogginess (yeah, that's a word) of this post:

dress via

bye, bye and hurry up, Jen! I can't keep these people entertained on my own!


  1. I couldn't answer you before because I went on holiday! Thanks so much for your comments, they always make me so happy! :)
    You are right, I can't stop to wear those shoes!

    btw, lovely dress!

    My Cherry Gum

  2. Heyy, just stumbled across your blog :) It's really great, you have so many fab outfits going on :) Following and will be back to see more

    L x

    Half Dressed

  3. Hey, thanks, Jen!
    Hurry back.

    And me and Gary make a hot couple, no?

  4. There are those amazing legs again ;)

    xx Sophie

  5. Loved the dress! I wish I could help! xoxo


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