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Ready For Autumn Wind to Blow

Now that the fall semester has kicked in, it's getting harder and harder to find places to take outfit pictures that are completely void of people. Even in the sketchiest locations behind buildings and in alleyways, there's always someone there. That's what I get for being in college and living in a busy city. I manage to find a quiet corner on a gorgeous field where I could set up my tripod. Granted I could be seen by 3-4 people sitting about 80 feet away, but I was hardly recognizable by that point so I didn't give it much thought. I'd just look like a teeny tiny little asian girl climbing all over a brick wall and laughing to herself. Psychotic? A little.

(cardigan h&m, polka-dotted top h&m, jeans forever 21, wedges kenneth cole reaction)

I'm definitely starting to feel the fall weather already and I'm loving it! Even though it's still sunny and warm during the day, the nights are chilly and I find myself having to bring a cardigan with me everywhere, just in case. It's time to get my tights out from hiding again and start layering up. Autumn is definitely my favorite season of all (and I'm not just saying that because my birthday is in the fall). I love watching the leaves fall and hearing them crunch underneath my footsteps. I guess this is goodbye, Summer!


  1. It is definitely awkward to try and take photos with an audience. Things aren't so bad as long as they keep to themselves though. But as soon as someone gets curious, I'm out of there.

    Those are definitely my favorite wedges, though I suppose they wont be getting out much more!
    Today however, was so warm and nice and felt much more like summer than fall!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I wish I could say goodbye to summer, but today it was 87 degrees...on the first day of autumn no less!

    I also have a hard time finding places to take pictures around my campus. I'm going to try heading to parks more and more to see if there will be less people as the weather gets chillier. Hopefully this works because I'm out of ideas!

  3. I know what you mean about taking pictures in front of others--and yet you still look so amazingly confident and strong in your gorgeous outfits. That confidence is really inspiring for me to take pictures in front of others as well. haha Thanks!

  4. Such cute photos! And yea...thats why I take my pictures inside my boring room...and even if I did go outside no one would really see except passing cars, but that makes me feel awkward XD

  5. omg.. yes.. fall is definitely here!! the leaves are so yellow outside already!! and i totally cant leave the house without a cardigan or jacket :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. I loveee the polka dot top and those shoes!

    I haven't braved taking pictures of myself yet...eep! One of these days of these days...

  7. I love this times, i usually didn't liked fall but since last year i've appreciated more, but i still love winter the most, i just love cold weather! You look great and so different, you did something with your hair right? Love it!

  8. hooray for fall and hooray for polka dots! another 2 more days or so of crazy hot weather for me and then it should start feeling a bit cooler...thank goodness!
    p.s. bust out the tights!!!

  9. sandals are amazing!
    come follow and vote 4 me xxo

  10. Ahh, I agree! I'm loving this cooler fall weather! I'm also loving your super cute outfit! You look lovely :)
    One of the good things about going to a school where nearly everyone thinks they're too-cool-for-school, ironically, is that hardly anyone's ever out on campus except during lunch, so luckily it's not too hard for me to find an abandoned spot on campus for photos!

  11. that last photo is freaking adorable! :) i love these photos jen and how simple this outfit is! i forgot to bring a cardigan with me a few days ago and was kicking myself for forgetting because it really does get cold at night!

  12. you look so adorable :)
    loving your wedges and your cardigan! nice pics!
    with LOVE,
    Little Berries

  13. ahh,, from these picts i could clearly see the diffrence of ur new hairstyle :)

    u look pretty :) i really love ur wedge!!


  14. Oh man, I definitely identify with this! I like to take my blog photos on my lunch break at work, since I'm in a relatively quiet, scenic locale, and there are lots of pretty places where I could take photographs. Problem is, they are never devoid of other people! So I feel awkward in my attempts, to say the least. =/

    I like the brick wall in your photos! It was worth risking the embarrassment...

    And I am also an autumn baby, so this, too, is my favorite season... naturally. :)

  15. Gorgeous photo's :) I love the outfit. Blog photo's are so awkward to do when people are around, I waited ten minutes for people to stop walking past me the other day.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  16. Your sandals are so cute :D And I agree,sometimes is so difficult to have some good blog photos ...

  17. you look cute:) smile all the way!


  18. Oh my gosh Jen, I can't believe you set up the tripod and take photos of yourself! You are sooo brave! The only time I get to blog is when I can find someone to photograph me because I would never have the guts to do it myself outdoors for the fear of getting caught. I totally commend you for doing this. Nothing short of a true love of fashion and blogging could motivate you to do this <3

    Have a great day girl!

  19. Your polkadots are just adoraaable! <3 And I love where you posed.

  20. Love this cardigan and shoes :) This is such a pretty outfit :)

  21. very cute outfit photos! especially the second one, you look like such a model! :)


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