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The Animal Instinct Within Me

So this is another look I put together for the Snapshot Fashionista Challenges! All of us had to work with the theme of animal print so I pulled out my leopard print tights from hiding and brought out the animal within me (haha...ha...). I actually really love these tights but they make me feel a little bit like a ho when I'm walking from class to class. It doesn't help that I look mad sketchy already lugging around my school bag, camera bag, and tripod. I'm also always heading towards deserted areas.

But enough about me, go check out how the other four girls wore their animal print! :)

(dress urban outfitters, belt forever 21, tights urban outfitters, sandals madewell)

This past weekend was full of ups and downs. The ups definitely canceled out the downs but unfortunately the weekend left off on a stressful note and it's the most recent memory. But focusing on the good, I went to the beach on Saturday night with Jeremy. I've always had a love for the beach since I was younger and my favorite times to go to the beach are at night in the fall. It's deserted, a little bit chilly, and the moon is beautiful. Whenever I'm stressed or not really at a good place in my life I like making the drive out to the beach. Looking out into the ocean horizon makes me feel so insignificant and for once it's not about me and my problems. I guess it's my form of therapy.


  1. Love this outfit-the animal print is so subtle but yet it stands out. Love how you paired the brown in the shoes with the brown belt. Your a true fashionista!

  2. love the madewell shoes...they remove the "ho" factor you're so worried about. actually, the outfit itself is very un-ho. rocks those tights!

    great pics too.

  3. I love this look! These tights are gorgeous! =)

  4. Beautiful outfit! Such amazing photos! <3

  5. You are so beautiful Jen! I love how you are making these amazing sandals work in the fall. Also, you look the furthest thing possible from trampy in those tights! I daresay you look classy ;). I love the simplicity of this black dress and the belt. You are a master of styling, dearest. :)

  6. Those shoes are fantastic! Makes me consider wearing tights and open toed shoes.

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOO hhhh fabulous shoes!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  8. I love how subtle the animal print is on your tights. They're a great print to wear to work and out.

  9. Haha no way you should feel like a ho when you wear those tights-- they're very subtle and no enough to cause a wild scene. Unless you continue your suspicious habit of creeping around abandoned places with your camera.

    I totally do the same too, though I'm not nearly as audacious or discreet enough to bring along my tripod! Kudos to you on that. :D

    Toast with Charmalade

  10. Those tights are so pretty and I love all the black with the pops of pretty browns. :)

    Awww, that's a good form of therapy. I've been driving lots more with Mr. Buggabug's top down.. that is my therapy, my friend.

  11. I love it! I've never seen such awesome tights. They are trendy and subtle!

  12. this outfit is brilliant. :) x

  13. next time i'm there, we're definitely heading to the beach :) love your simple almost all0black outfit jen! for a second, i thought your dress was velvet and almost freaked because that would've been amazing; but this still is wonderful :) the location is so lovely too! and your madewell shoes get my heart beating fast every time! glad you were able to get away from the drama/stress for a little while, but i hope things pick up for you really soon!

  14. of course you didn't look like a ho! :p
    Love the tights so much :)

  15. super classy <3 super gorgeous super hot!


  16. I always have a thing for those sandals of yours! And those leopard tights are nothing but FAB! I always wonder how you gorgeous girls find such pattern tights at store like Urban Outfitters but I don't seem to even know that they ever exist in those stores lol I guess it's just me! I love the afternoon beach too. I usually would just go there after class / work, brought some food, put up a blanket and watch the stars! Love is good!

    Have a more than great one, darl! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  17. I always love the way you wear your sandals <3 and I love your leopard tights, I would to buy one, but am not really sure I'll wear it, not so into animal print things xD;

    have a nice day, Jen!


  18. I dig how you juxtaposed the brown/tan of the sandal soles with the tan of your belt. It's a very subtle detail that brings everything together so beautifully.

    I also dig how your animal print is so subtle and understated. It's elegant, but still edgy.

    Blogging is my therapy, but also my curse. I read fashion blogs too much and end up wanting to shop, even though I'm on a particularly stringent budget right now. Basically, buying anything but the errant lipstick is undoable. :(

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  19. Love your tights and cloggy shoes! Nice combo. :)

  20. Great outfit, Love the subtle animal print

    L x
    Half Dressed

  21. Super cute! Love the wear you're wearing the sandals for fall.


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