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My Photographers: What They're Wearing

As you guys already know, I enslave a couple of my friends that I'm comfortable enough with to take my outfit pictures. Who the photographer is depends on the day I'm taking pictures. At the beginning of these outfit photo shoots I always set the aperture, white balance, and ISO and take some test shots using my photographer as the subject in order to determine how I want my pictures to turn out. Luckily all of them are more than willing to pose for a little bit and act as a temporary "Jen".

So because of this, I decided to start up a new feature called My Photographers: What They're Wearing. They all have their own personal style as well and I thought it'd be fun to share them with you because who can't use even more inspiration, right?  Plus, you guys also get some men's fashion. :P

1. Monisha
The Roommate
She's always willing to take photos for me when we both have time in our busy schedules. They rarely overlap but it's nice when they do. When we go out for outfit shots, they usually turn into mini-photo shoots where we'll both be dressed up. You guys have probably seen her on my blog a few times throughout the year (for example, this post, where this picture is from). She's good at making me laugh so I don't look so awkward posing for photographs. And Monisha, I know you're reading this, which means I should probably mention how god damn amazing you are unless I want to get yelled at later. Because you are. Amazing, that is. :)

2. Robin
The Best Guy Friend
Robin took almost all of my photos from when I first started my blog in December until mid-May when the spring semester ended. He's always been there and supported me in terms of my blog. Over time he's figured out how I like my pictures so he doesn't need much direction now. Now that we live on different campuses I've started enslaving some other friends but we'll meet up occasionally to catch up and to take some outfit shots. He's pretty fashionable so I like taking shots of him too (for example, this shot was taken during this photo shoot).

3. Jess
The Childhood Friend
Jess is one of my favorite people in the world and I've known her since the 5th grade. It's amazing that we've been able to stay in touch for so long but she's one of those people where I just get along with perfectly. I can see us sitting in rocking chairs in 60 years just talking about our lives like we always do. She doesn't mind helping out with my outfit photos either (you'll recognize the background from this photo from my last post). She's always got great ideas for new locations (especially since she lives on the most scenic campus at Rutgers). I've taken a few photo shoots with her on the beach as well this past summer!

4. Jeremy
The Boy
Jeremy is probably my newest photographer (and I hope he's not reading this). I haven't really asked him to take pictures of me yet but he's always willing to help out when I do ask him. When Jasmine came to visit for NYFW he walked around campus with us and was our photographer for the morning. You might recognize the background from this picture from the Dynamic Duo shoot; I thought he should get some outfit shots as well, haha. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met and he's always there for me when I need him to be. :)

5. Tripod
My Steady Hand
I have an unhealthy love affair with my tripod. It's always there for me, ready to take pictures, and lends me a steady hand when the lighting isn't the best. This picture is actually a test shot I was doing when setting the manual focus. You might recognize the background from my first photoshoot with my fish dress.

Man, I don't think I've ever written so much in one post. But the next edition of "My Photographers" will be a lot shorter since you guys would've already been introduced to them.  I'll introduce my two home photographers as well next time (Kirsten and Jim)! :)


  1. BAHAHAHA the tripod made me laugh. I definitely need to invest in a full standing one, I only have one of those mini ones hence the really lame awkward angles. Awkward... Anyway, you're so nice to have such lovely stylin' friends who are willing to take photos for you (too bad I'm a chicken and haven't told anybody really about my blog).

  2. I understand your love for your tripod - I am the same way. Me and my tripod are BFF's! Cool post, you are lucky to have so many photographers! XOXO, Natalya

  3. Nice post! It's always good to know something about the one's behind the camera, right?
    And well, tripods are amazing. What do we do without them?

  4. I like this post. It's always great to see the photographer behind the camera. I'm always nervous to take outfit pictures. I've only taken one for one outfit post. I need to get more into the groove of it. And not be so afraid. How did you overcome the fear (if there was any at all)?

  5. I like this post. It's always great to see the photographer behind the camera. I'm always nervous to take outfit pictures. I've only taken one for one outfit post. I need to get more into the groove of it. And not be so afraid. How did you overcome the fear (if there was any at all)?

  6. Yay for photographers! You're lucky to have a big group of friends willing to snap pictures for you! I haven't really asked my friends/told them about my sadly my small tripod is the only thing I have.

  7. I'm so glad that you recognized your tripod! It's the hottest of them all. Always looks sleek and thin and shiny. Can adjust its height to fit your needs. Ah. *swoon*

  8. Cute cute cute pics lady! Love that you have all these people who support your blogging.

  9. Love all the photographers..especially that first one..shes amazing. but so are you <3

  10. This is so sweet! I think a lot of people don't realize how much work goes into these kinds of posts. It's definitely nice of you to talk about your photographers (even the tripod!) since I feel like fashion blog photographers are often left off the thank-you list! :)

  11. Lucky girl! A willing photografriend is to find... Great post. Saving up for a new camera and a tripod, wish me luck.

  12. oh wow, you're so lucky to have so much help! i just have my tripod, haha.

    it was interesting learning about your team of photographers (+tripod ;D), and i liked that we got to take a peek at their own personal styles!


  13. What an interesting and real fun behind-the-scenes post! I dig it lots, I think it's so cute that you told us the relationship of your loyal photogs. :)

    I also think it's unanimous that the tripod is the favorite, though. Please tell us it has a name??

    Toast with Charmalade

  14. AWE HOW CUTE. This is such a sweet little post.

    ..your tripod must have a name, yeah? JEAN BOB II WOULD LIKE TO MAEK BIG FRANS WITH JENPOD.

  15. You have such amazing friends with great style who are willing to take pictures of you. I think that's great. My sister and bf are my personal photographers. I'm too shy to ask friends to take pictures for me :P

  16. you have great willing friends! =D i wish my photographer (my sister) was as willing as your friends. and my sister is supposedly the professional photographer. haha

    this is such a super cute post!

  17. hi jen, i really like this kind of post..
    and i like monisha's..
    she's beautiful..

  18. hehe you are too cute! i LOVE the tripod :) i think it's kinda crazy that i've met half of them (and hopefully i'll meet the other half next time..ahem!). i miss you tons! i wish we were closer so we could take photos of each other

  19. Fun post! And that tripod point is really hilarious.. As for me, I haven't met my tripod-mate yet. If I have, I would've post it too on my blog.. ;p

    The November Girl

  20. yey you've answered my request about showing your photographers! :D my photos are mostly done by my boyfriend, dad, armand or little sister.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  21. so sweet of you to share their style as well!
    Love it!

    Can't wait to feature you on the blog!
    I will send you/email you some questions probably this weekend. Will that work??

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  22. ahh rollercoasters freak me out so much! its a shame, there are so many theme parks in southern california and i'm content with just going on the kiddiest rides. oh well :)

    i hope you stop by sometime



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