On the Grassy Slopes

 I'm completely and utterly exhausted both physically and mentally. I'm currently skipping class and thankfully I have work off today since I helped out a lot with the Homecoming Bed Races (pictures coming soon) so I have a day to just lounge around and relax, well...at least just until the evening. As my readers, you guys usually just see me in the outfits I photograph where I look relatively put together. Right now I'm sitting on my couch in gym shorts, an oversized sweatshirt, glasses, and wet hair. These are the outfits I keep to myself. Maybe I should just snap a shot of myself right now and post it.

(top forever 21, belt urban outfitters, skirt modcloth, wedges h&m)

I should really go and get ready for life. I feel like such a bum.
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  1. That's a beautiful skirt plus those wedges are adorable!

  2. So pretty Jenn! And I love those shoes! XOXO, Natalya

  3. you haven't worn your madewell shoes yet!!! loving all the green in this outfit that belt is so amazing and i love the print on that skirt :) i hope you get some rest today dear <3 it's kind of crazy how both of our lives got so much busier after NYFW. i miss you tons and i wish we were chilling in your living room sipping on milk tea and eating dino nuggets.

  4. that skirt is just so pretty!


  5. Love the wedges!
    It's be nice to see a picture of you in on of the outfits you don't mention. Do it!

  6. Gorgeous outfit, I hope you get over your exhaustion :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  7. those wedges are amazing and actually look somewhat comfortable!
    Dont worry about being a bum... we all deserve it every once in a while.
    we live a different world on these blogs of ours but in reality it is okay to be human. Enjoy :)

    -Morgan (Blackbird FLy)
    Blackbird Fly

  8. The ModCloth skirt is AMAZEBALLS! I was kinda hoping there would be the 'lounging' piccie...evidence that I'm not the only one. (Sitting in PJ's as I type)

  9. don't we just love our gym shorts and sweats?lol
    horray for giveaway!im having my very first one right now, would love you to join in the fun :)

  10. I love the outfit!!!
    and nah, stay in sweats all day, sometimes we all need that ;)

  11. Such pretty grass! I want to roll around in it and sleep in it, wahahahaa. <3 Your skirt is very pretty, my love! It looks very twirl-ish. :D

  12. aaaahhh those wedges are gorgeous!!!! :D love the skirt too!!! you're looking so good, jen! :D

    Animated Confessions

  13. nice girl and lovely outfit :)


  14. beautiful skirt and the shoes is fabs! :)

    i wanna see wat u wear rite now :p


  15. That's a really pretty skirt, Jen! You looked so sweet.. :)

    The November Girl
    Join My Giveaway!

  16. that is such a pretty skirt.

    I hope you feel less exhausted soon x

  17. I ♥ your skirt!
    Hope you can get enough rest, jen!

  18. simple and chic :) hope you can find some time to relax! but I know what you mean about being exhausted with life lately

  19. usually I work on weekends, but I called off today because I've been way too bogged down by classes and making money. Of COURSE that's a modclot skirt! it's so freaking adorable. hmmm... and I guess I'm going to have to check out h&m's wedges!
    xo, Alexi
    at DGandA

  20. Awesome skirt! I love the wedges you paired with this outfit.

  21. This is too adorable Jen :) I hope you got tons of rest AND continue doing so <3! Life is so hectic right now for everybody eh?

    PS- Waiting for your Madewell shoes ;) xo

  22. lovely skirt, jen (:
    goodluck for your work and schoolm God bless!


  23. i've always thought it kind of funny how a person can post these lovely photos of themselves giving the impression of an idyllic existence when they're life is really completely chaotic. i like it when bloggers let you know that life may not be as pretty as the pictures make it look.

  24. I love your outfit....You rocked, totally :)

  25. I love your outfit....You rocked, totally :)

  26. Jenn, you are beautiful. Great shoes, and lovely photos. Oh, and thank you so much for your amazing comment. I feel pretty shit about not replying earlier, so I mad up for it by doing a MONSTER post :D Thanks again!
    Panda xx

  27. You look so happy! I love your outfit. The shoes and skirt especially. Get better soon! ;)

  28. pretty skirt. really :)
    hehe we all have bummy days. it's just so comfy! haha plus we're students... we're allowed. sometimes. or all the time, for some people. hope you're doing alright & enjoy your weekend!

  29. Thanks so much for featuring our skirt! You look beautiful in it. I LOVE your blog header :)

    Your friend,
    Elisa at ModCloth


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