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Twisted Up in Branches

So in result of my constant skipping of classes (in particular Financial Management) now I'm unprepared for my exam this wednesday. I actually had no idea I had an exam until a few minutes ago but oh well. I'll just have to cram super hard to prepare. Wish me luck!

(chambray shirt gap, tank old navy, jeans forever 21, shoes urban outfitters, necklace forever 21)

I'm sorry the majority of these photos are out of focus or blurry. I kept on moving around for these shots and my roommate, who was my photographer for the day, couldn't keep up. It's one of those moments where all of your pictures look great on the camera screen but once you upload them onto your computer they look like a hot mess, haha. A big thanks to her though for taking these shots really quick after her class. :)


  1. Best of luck with your exams pek! :)

  2. These are so cute, I actually love how they are a little blurry :D
    Good luck on your test! :D

  3. ahh good luck! skipping classes is a luxury i'm trying to refrain from this semester - so far i've actually been successful, which astounds me. but anyway i'm sure you'll do great on your exam!

    love the pictures - so autumn-y! and yay tree climbing :)

    it's amazing.

    you always smile.


  5. Good luck on your exam! I'm sure you'll do great. I love the simplicity of this outfit. So easy chic. BTW, I got an email saying that one of my emails didn't go through, so just in case you didn't get it, I sent you an email that pretty much says THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!! I really needed and appreciate it. Thanks again.

  6. love the oufit!
    i actually tried on an outfit similar to this the other day at Urban Outfitters, black skinny jeans and a chambray top. I bought the jeans but the shirt didnt fit right. Instead I went for a cute pair of boots. Love this look!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  7. GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you'll do fine, whip out some insane asian studying skill ;)

    I love these shots though, they're pretty fantastic, especially the last one! Oh, and your outfit is so simple yet super duper chic. LOVE IT <3

  8. youre so adorable.
    love the outfit.<3

  9. cram cram cram!
    i have an exam on friday.
    booooo for us.

  10. ouch to financial mgt!my finals are a month away :S

    ps:would love for you to check out my very first giveaway.i'm giving away a selection of my handmade jewellery creations!

  11. tree climber! it's starting to look like fall over there (lucky!). :D

    ahhh i took financial management too. :P i hated that class but couldn't skip it because it was a 7-week one (and skipping would=incomplete or something like that). too bad, because it was totally skip-worthy, haha!

    hope you can catch up! good luck with your exam :]

  12. I actually really love the last shot of you because your body is in focus but the rest is blurred. It gives a cool effect and sense of movement.

    Cute outfit and good luck on your exam!

  13. Ahhh, those hot mess pictures! <3 You look so awesome. I love the blazer against all the black, and gooood luck on the exam!

  14. you are so so so adorable! this is such a simple outfit! good luck with your exam! you'll do wonderfully <3

  15. Cramming for exams=my life. I have an exam at 10am today (environmental economics..ew?) and have i started studying? No.
    But I am glad to still be seeing chambray...I have yet to wear mine! Love it :)

  16. Another simple yet stunning outfit..Good luck on your exam. Godbless u! :)

  17. I quite like the blur actually, especially in the last one as some parts are in focus while the rest is a motion blur. I am quite a sucker for blurred images actually.

    That top looks nice and comfy too. Should probably invest in something like that so I can look stylish while I'm actually in this 'cannot be bothered' mood.

  18. Good luck on your exam! I'm several years out of college and I *still* have nightmares about showing up to class (after skipping almost the whole semester) and being handed an exam I didn't know about.

  19. Such cute pics, Jen! I know what you mean, I hate it when that happens with pictures. You still look great, though:) Best of luck with ur exams!

  20. Good luck on your exams! I kind of like your semi-blurry photos, it's so dynamic and unexpected! =)


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