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Being Eeyore

(blazer urban outfitters, dress asos, belt urban outfitters, tights HUE, shoes madewell)

Sometimes I wish I cared more about my education. Maybe it's because I'm not all entirely passionate about what I'm studying, or maybe it's because I'm just a lazy person in general. It might be a little bit of both. I've been sitting in front of my computer for about 5 hours now with my class notes lying right under my nose. I can't recall doing anything productive in those five hours, let alone studying. The only thing I can recall doing is eating. I think I'd be perfectly happy spending the next few days just lying in bed and eating. I need someone to smack me around a bit and motivate me to study. 

Also, sorry in advance for not posting as many outfits as I would like to these days and in the upcoming week. Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, the sun starts setting around 4-5pm and it's hard to find time beforehand to go take pictures. Self-portraits are also a bit tiring when it comes to lugging around my camera and my tripod with my school bag.  I'll be a little less of a downer once Thanksgiving Vacation comes around. Actually, more like Winter Vacation. I promise.


  1. I know how you feel about the school thing. Sometimes I get myself so amped up about studying, then end up doing nothing but staring at my computer screen for hours. Worst feeling ever. But, thankfully, there are only a couple more weeks until christmas break. Hang in there!

  2. I know exactly how you feel Jen! Don't worry-- you're not being a downer. You look cute as usual and hope you're not feeling too blue about the weather and school! <3


  3. I wish I could just give you a gigantic hug right now (and then tell you to study hahaha). I think school in general just sucks and brings everyone down, which could be why I want to be a teacher and change the world (not likely). Just keep your head up and push through these next few weeks <3

    I love this darker outfit on you Jen! That dress is adorable and is in our favorite color! I feel like we both have found ways to incorporate our favorite color in our outfits now :) You still have to wear that green UO dress you got while I was in NYC!

  4. OMG Jen. "Sometimes I wish I cared more about my education. Maybe it's because I'm not all entirely passionate about what I'm studying, or maybe it's because I'm just a lazy person in general." I could have sworn I just read a passage that describes me EXACTLY. Hahaha don't worry Jen, you're not in this alone!

  5. Such a lovely outfit I love the dress!! Suits just perfect!
    Kiss from Spain!

  6. Love the dress. Daylight saving is a bit of a bummer at times. I hope things pick up for you.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  7. nice look, so cute and sweet even though a little bit dark, but that suits you well gorgeous <3


  8. I think every university student suffers a bit from attention deficit, so don't be so hard on yourself.

    But I agree with the eating in bed thing - that's my favorite place in the world!

  9. you look lovely,

    I hope your feeling better x

  10. Oh, I can totally relate. Lately I've been lacking the motivation to get anything done for school, which isn't so good with the semester coming to an end soon.
    Anyway, I love your dress and shoes. So cute!

  11. You looks great! The dress is so adorable!

    xx Marije

  12. Is that velvet i see? how can you be feeling down while wearing velvet??

    The short days are getting the better of me as well, but we will be finding ourselves in the middle of december before we know it, and i'll be counting the days until we starting gaining time instead of losing it again.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Aweee, I'd totally smack you with a [soft] brick if I could. :D But hey, I know how you feel, I'm totally getting senioritis. Must. Resist.

    ANYWAY your outfit is super cute. I love all the black. :D

  14. aaahh jen.. such a simple chic outfit!! love the belt!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  15. very cute outfit :)
    i know how you feel about school :| with a little motivation you can do it! i know you can :)!!

  16. oh wow, that student you're describing, was me 6 years ago..hahaha. i did manage to graduate computer eng'g but i never ended up getting a job related to it at all.... gaaah!

    good luck on your studies jen! maybe this is just a phase..i'm sure you'll be better off than me.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  17. Jenni, I was already loving this outfit, and then I saw the blazer detail! Swoon! I hope today's a better day, and I echo what Lyddie said -- how can you feel sad in such adorable clothes?

  18. I'm feeling the pinch was the light nowadays as well, it's such a pain to have to schedule photographs before a certain time. I really like this dress and your shoes make it so chic!

  19. I'm having the same problem with daylight savings. :S I wish I had more free time/motivation to do outfits pics.

  20. I started getting sick of school pretty early on into my college career.

    Terrible, considering I was in school for over 8 years (graduated in 9 years, taking 2 semesters off somewhere in the middle). Good thing I was working full-time for most of the time after I turned 20, otherwise I'm quite sure I'd have dropped out.


    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  21. just a cute outfit!! very nice :)


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