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Dynamic Duo #8

So despite our busy schedules, Jasmine (Transient Withdrawal) and I managed to find the time to do a Dynamic Duo post! Instead of getting yet another item to add to our ever growing collections of clothing, we decided to remix an old Dynamic Duo item that you'll recognize from this post! I like how we both remixed this dress in different ways for the colder weather. I'm in love with Jasmine's cardigan (she needs to share the wealth) and the light pink softens the intensity of the floral pattern.

I don't think I've ever worn such a bright color in an outfit in the longest time. I usually lean towards muted and/or darker colors. I felt like a walking berry all day long with these tights on. I've never gotten so many stares just walking around campus and riding the bus. I'm pretty sure if I crossed the road I could have replaced the traffic light, haha. :)

Jasmine (Cardigan H&M, Dress Forever 21, Headband Forever 21, Flats Topshop)

Jen (Jacket American Rag, Shirt Zara, Dress Forever 21, Tights HUE, Wedges H&M)

So in exactly 24 hours I will be sitting in a dark, crowded theater watching HARRY POTTER. Who's excited? I'M BEYOND EXCITED. Dressing up as Cho Chang? Yes.


  1. Love the Fall colors, here. Let them stare. You look great!

  2. I always love seeing how you guys both style the same piece.
    And you know I will def be doing the same tomorrow! :)

  3. that dress and those tights are super cute.
    you both look great :)

  4. Gorgeous tights!!

    Ahhh Harry Potter! I am so jealous! I'm planning on seeing it Friday afternoon- wish I was going to the 12:00 showing, though. Have fun!

  5. Oh Jen you know they be starin' 'cause they jealous ;] I'll share my cardigans if you move closer! I think my cardigan collection has outgrown my striped shirts collection...if it outgrows my bow collection, then I'll admit I have a problem. I'm so jealous you'll be watching the midnight premiere! I'm so not looking forward to working at the theater this weekend...It's going to be madness.

  6. wow, miss the DD post :D
    both of you look so great in that flowery dress, i love Jasmine's blue hairband and i love your red-tights, Jen. yaaa, you always wear something darken than this one, hekek. but looks nice, really (:

    have a nice day for you both!


  7. Jen, I'm crazy about your red tights and black wedges combo! You always make me want to wear more wedges but my lack of balance tells me otherwise.

    Your hair looks so pretty all curled up too and it was such a good call to layer up with a white t shirt. Now I'm off to find a clean one for myself. I still owe you an email, but this is the kind of in-shambles behavior I'm sure you've come to expect from me!


  8. Love how you both styled this item up for fall! Your tights are such a gorgeous fall colour.

    L x

  9. You guys are adorable and so so stylish! I love these posts!

    I have this same dress - I wore it as a skirt, too!

    KF x

  10. I wore "berry" colored tights the other day and got tons of stares too!

    But they're cute and they couldn't be more gorgeous with the fall leaves!

    I'm so jealous of you going to HP. Ahhh!

    You and Jasmine are my favorites:)

  11. totally love how you both went for something girly!!!! great dress!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. I love that you put a tshirt over this dress. It totally changes the look!

  13. Totally loving both looks! Jasmine's cardigan is too cute, and I adore the way you added red tights! Cho Chang? Heckyes. I;m still on cloud nine after seeing the movie last night, too. I hope you liked it!

  14. I just saw you in JustFab as a "My style" or "not my style" photo in the style analysis portion!

    WOOT! I was like, 1.) she's a blogger! 2.) I KNOW HER!

    Loving the wedges and bright heels. You girls are so fun.


    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  15. Look great, both!

    Hugs :)

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