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In the Golden Afternoon

Is it just me, or is this winter especially full of snow storms? Before any of the snow can melt away, even more snow gets dumped on top of it! There's supposed to be another snow storm starting midnight tonight and I'm kind of hoping it cancels classes. The last one got two of my classes canceled so that was pretty awesome.
You know, every time I talk about the weather on my blog, I always feel like I'm in a really bad relationship with my blog. I remember I once dated this guy where the relationship went downhill to the point where all we could talk about was the weather. "I'm glad it's not raining today." "Yeah...same. It's nice out." "Yeah, it is." "..."

(American Rag Coat, Forever 21 Sweater, Random NYC Boutique Skirt, Topshop Belt, HUE Tights, Kenneth Cole Reaction Wedges)

Every time I wear this skirt on my blog, I always feel so awkward writing down where it's from...mainly because I don't remember. It was a random boutique I visited with my friend in the city and it's definitely one of the best purchases I ever made since I wear it all the time. Sure, it's a little short, but I've learned how to prevent myself from flashing passer-byers. And on a completely random note, can I just point out how my outfit matches my blog layout? :)

Oh! And don't forget to enter my Orient Watch giveaway! The last day to enter is Thursday, February 3rd. (Also, please excuse the fact that I don't take very good care of my shoes).


  1. I know what you mean about forgetting where some clothes are. I often get Gap, BP, and Old Navy mixed up as well, ha. But this is one adorable outfit! I love the colors.

  2. We'll be having a snowstorm tomorrow and it's going to be BAD! >.< No more taking outdoor pictures for the rest of the week!

    Ever since I saw that mustard yellow sweater on you, I've been checking my local F21 stores AND website for the exact same one. The result? NO LUCK :(

  3. I am most envious of your snow storms! Please send them yonder 8D

    Your skirt is so very cute, miss jenjen. :D :D <3 And I love that you match your blog layout, haha!

  4. Nothing like a good snow storm! I always loved missing classes and staying home it's such a nice treat! Love your outfit. It's beautifully put together and haha it totally matches your blog - love it! xx veronika

  5. I love your outfit! Looks like it could be worn in the summer and in the winter. Just the right amount of color. :) I'm hoping for canceled classes too but knowing RU, we're still going to have class. -.- They need a blizzard in order to cancel class.

  6. I love the color of your top! And that skirt is real cute :)
    And oh my goodness, this winter has been SO SNOWY! Commuting back and forth to school is proving to be rather difficult!

  7. Your outfits and photos are always so lovely. I for sure don't look that cute when it's snowing out.

    Hope you're staying warm!

  8. I still do not know how to prevent my skirt from unveiling inappropriate proportions of my body ): I end up tugging at the ends a lot to make sure it's in place. I almost thought you were wearing shorts at first! None the less, I really like it :)

  9. the coat, the sweater, the skirt--they compliment each other! love the tones of this look <3

    The Spoof.

  10. Ooh I LOVE the mix of colors here Jen! I never thought to pair mustard yellow with khaki and grey! I love the color combo here! I'm sorry about the constant snow storms :( That first photo of is so wonderful! I adore the lighting and your smile of course <3

  11. The snow is totally insane this year! We're gonna get buried. It's cray-cray.

    I love the way you tie your belt! You look gorgeous

  12. i am lovin' the pop of mustard in your outfit..really makes me think of sunshine.

    the weather here in PI has also been crazy too..this is the coldest we've had in a while due to the cold air from china...and we've had nonstop rain for almost 3 weeks now. waaah!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  13. The outfit-blog matchy-ness made my day. Loving the whole thing!

  14. Fabulous--I love those wedges and that coat!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  15. Haha love when you adore a piece of clothing so much even when you know it's not perfect...but we always manage to work around that! Love the color of your top and your shoes :)



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