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Day 4: Richmond, VA

We spent our fourth day of the trip in Richmond, VA! Our first stop was the Virginia Museum of Fine Art since we heard there was an amazing Picasso exhibit (thanks for the tip, Liza) and it was definitely worth the hefty ticket price. Picasso is one of my favorite artists and I just love the childishness of some of his pieces.

We also got to go thrifting in the downtown area. Jeremy walked away with a pretty sick sweater, a pair of trousers, and a purple button down. I ended up getting a little black dress for business occasions, a vintage Polaroid Sun 600 camera, and a mug that says "Big Hug Mug". Future favorite cup? I THINK SO.

(H&M Coat, Gap Chambray Shirt, Urban Outfitters Dress, HUE Tights, Urban Outfitters Flats)

These pictures were actually taken on Monument Road which is, like the name suggests, home to numerous monuments, including monuments dedicated to Thomas Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. The weather was perfect for taking a mile long stroll all the way down and back to where we parked the car. And even though we missed the cherry blossoms in D.C., we spotted a bunch of blossoms in Richmond. :)

This is also one of my favorite outfits that I put together last minute. I didn't pack wisely when I was throwing clothes into my little suitcase but I decided to tie up this chambray shirt over this white dress and I fell in love with it automatically.

Oh, and in regards to the picture above, it was Pi Day so Jeremy celebrated with a pizza pie. :) 


  1. I hope you are having fun! That pizza pie looks delicious.. I've never had one before and now I craave. :)

    You are looking cute in your plummy tights and olive jacket!~

  2. wow a quick update, Jen! I haven't read your previous posts yet, hahaha. seems you guys had some fun on the trip... the last pic is... chicken wings?? beautiful! *drooling*
    oh i love you blue shirt anyway, and the dress is lovely (:
    have a great day!


  3. Sometimes the best oufits are made when you're in a rush. I love all those blossom trees, that means Spring has really arrived.

  4. Lovely look! I love chambray and have tons of white dresses but never know how to wear them in winter. You look great here, thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful photos Jen! Did you use a new lens? The blur is so nice.

  6. you such a freeking dollface.
    i just love your pictures and that SMILE!
    amazing outfit, you look great, as usual.<3

  7. Great outfit! I'm going to try out my own version of it :D too inspired!

    It looks like you're really enjoying yourself, have a fun rest of trip!!

  8. You're way too super cute for a road trip, love it!

  9. Big Hug Mug totally reminds me of the chocolate shop that sells delicious hot chocolate in these big handle-less mugs...called Hug Mugs! I've always wanted to buy one to make hot chocolate at home on cold's so nice to warm your hands on :)

  10. love your sense of style! You should experiment with brighter colors! they will look good on you :)

  11. looks like your having lots of fun, loving your style and choice of food yummmmmmm :)


  12. Thanks for your sweet comment!! Haha my cat is really enjoying all the love :)

  13. Great photos!! And now I know what I'll be doing in Richmond on Saturday. Going to see Picasso.

    And man you sure can pack well for trips. I wish my outfits looked that pulled together while road tripping.

  14. Thank you! I was quite happy and amazed with the result myself! You look great as always, and I love that blossoms!

    xx Marije

  15. I'm glad you enjoyed my suggestion. I haven't had to chance to go, but if I'm ever in Richmond before it ends I'm for sure going to stop by. Looks like you had a fantastic time!!


  16. This is such a casual and sweet outfit. I love the simplicity and how it brings attention to the gorgeous color of those tights :)

    <3 Lea

  17. LOVE the chambray shirt with the white dress. This is definitely going to inspire my future outfits.

    You and your blog are both adorable. Following now. I would love it if you had the time to check out my blog too :)

    Style Soufflé


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