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The weather this week has been getting lousy again - it even snowed in North Jersey! From the looks of it the next two days are full of rain and snow. What happened to the beginning of spring? I even got my free Rita's Italian Ice, which means it MUST be spring. At least the weekend will be sunny despite the temperature being in the low 40's. And that's it for your JennifHsieh weather update.

(American Rag Coat, Old Navy Cardigan, Forever 21 Blouse, Forever 21 Belt, Forever 21 Jeans, Aldo Shoes, Aldo Backpack)

It's taken me forever to finally style up this shirt. It always hung in my closet being a loner because I couldn't figure out how to wear it. It's slightly sheer, has a huge neckline, and has bat wing sleeves like no other. I finally decided to belt it and wear it under a cardigan which worked perfectly. Maybe next time I wear it I won't hide it under layers of clothing...but that has yet to be determined.

And say hello to my new shoes and my new backpack (how material do I sound?). I got to bond with my mom over spring break with some outlet shopping and I came across both these pieces. The shoes were on sale (and the sales lady wouldn't stop telling me how cute they were just so I could buy them) and the backpack I had instantly fallen in love with. Thanks mom for indulging me a little. I love that when I shop with her now she'll point out how cute something will look on my blog.

Oh, and I've decided that these shoes are officially my sexy pilgrim shoes (see the last picture for up-close shots). I feel a little silly when I'm clomping around in them from class to class and they make my feet look abnormally tiny. I wore them yesterday when I had classes from 10:20am until 9:30pm. Stupid Jen.

You won't be seeing any outfit posts for the rest of this week since I'm drowning in stuff I have to do for NJ Circle K's District Convention this weekend. It's when all the Circle K members from all the NJ colleges/universities get together in order to elect the new District Board and celebrate the past service year. I'm actually running for District Governor, which means I would be in charge of managing all the Circle K activities state-wide so wish me luck! I'll be sure to post pictures when I return. I'll be having some guest posts over the next few days thanks to my favorite people in the blogging world - my readers! :)


  1. I LOVE those shoes, and I am so jealous of your backpack!! I've been looking for a good one to tote my camera and stuff around. :)

  2. Oooh I love that shirt! You did a great job styling it! :D
    and I love your new shoes and backpack! WOOHOO

  3. Great outfit! I especially love your new shoes and backpack! So cute.

  4. Love this look, gorgeous as always. I'm loving the shoes & twisted belt, adorbs! xx veronika

  5. Adorable! I am just in love with your shoes!


  6. shoe crush! and i love the pattern mix btwn the coat and the top, super cute.

  7. Gorgoeus outfit! Simple yet chic. Love the shoes and top <3


  8. Love love love love loooove everything about this outfit. That backpack and those shoes.. so so cute.

    KF x

  9. I have alot of comments so I shall number them!

    1. HAHA. Sexy pilgrimage shoes. I love it. Oh what would those pilgrams say? =) Anyway they look great!

    2. It's great that you finally took that top out! You styled it great in this post, and I"m sure you'll find another way to style it again.

    3. I love how supportive your mom is of your blog. I bet she's your number one fan. =)

    You do so much! It's a wonder you find time to even blog. But I'm glad you do because you show people that it's doable. Good luck with the elections! Win so that I can call you Gov'nor Jenn. =)

    -Erin (

  10. You always look so cute :)

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  11. Oooo I want those shoes, they're so cute. I think you styled the shirt really well, with the belt for a more fitted look.

  12. Hi :)
    Great outfit! :)

  13. you've styled it v well! awesome look

    I've got too many unworn unstyled items, this is inspiration for me ! :D

  14. The shoes and backpack are awesome! I especially love the backpack. :)

    And your mom sounds adorable! :D My mom actually wants to take me shopping because she thinks I need new black flats for the blog (she hates the ones I have, haha). Aren't moms so cute? :P

    - Caroline (

  15. I feel like our spring is being delayed too. Where's the sun?! We get like glimpses of it here and there but then it's like crazy cold and windy. Sigh. What can you do... ;)

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  16. Those shoes are gorgeous, Jen! I'm so envious! We got our very first day of sun here and the campus went nuts! It was way too exciting for our own good ;)

  17. Hi Jen! We wanted to let you know that we awarded you the "Versatile Blogger Award"! We love your blog! You can read about it here:

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  18. that is an awesome backpack! sorry to hear about the bad weather. here in israel it was 70 degrees today! :D


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