'Ello Gov'na!

So I'm finally back from the most sleep-deprived, exhausting, and amazing weekend. Thank you guys for being patient with me and my busy life and thank you to my wonderful readers for being guest bloggers! So to explain my blog post title, I was elected as District Governor for the NJ District of Circle K International (the service organization I'm part of) this past weekend at our annual convention. I'll be in charge of representing the NJ District at International events as well as overseeing all of the clubs in the state. I couldn't be more excited (or more nervous) for the next year but I know I have an amazing Board of Officers who have got my back. Now all my friends won't start calling me "Gov'na" everywhere I go though. :P

(Gap Sweater, H&M Blouse, Forever 21 Jeans, White Mountain Boots via DSW, Aldo Backpack)

I really need to get some more sleep these days. I'm working non-stop and it's hard to just take a second to breathe. I'm juggling my school work, my Circle K work, my job, and this blog. On top of that I'm on the hunt for a summer internship. I'm also not willing to give up my social life so at this point it's my health that I'm giving up...which is extremely stupid. I'm going to work on procrastinating less and managing my time better.


  1. Congrats! That is such exciting news. I love your big bow blouse, it's so pretty!! Glad to hear you had a great weekend. xo

  2. Wow! That is great news for you! Have fun with all this upcoming responsibility:) And your outfit is very adorable! I love that backpack!

  3. Congrats, that's awesome! Good luck on the internship hunt!

    I love the combination of your blouse and sweater. You look lovely :)

  4. Congratulations on your new position! I love how you layered your sweater over that top, and your back pack is so cute :)

  5. cuuuuute love that top, so sweet. i love the light baby pink against the hunter green.

    and you go girl! getting out there into the real world (ughhhh whyyy? haha don't want to graduate)

  6. I absolutely adore the big bow blouse! It's cute but not overwhelming - perfect!


  7. Congratulations, Jen! That is awesome! But yes, don't forget to take some time to relax and breathe or else you'll probably explode from stress (and we don't want that, haha).

    Yet another cute outfit -- I really like that forest green on you. :D

    Glad to have you back!

    - Caroline (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  8. Beautiful blouse! And I wannnnt your backpack! :) Thanks for letting me guest blog!

  9. congrats on the election win!!!

    love the bow peeking out from the cardigan

  10. That bow tie and backpack are just too adorable. And congrats gov'na!

  11. You always look so cute Jen!

    xx Camilla

    giveaway on my blog :)


  12. finally you back, Jen! welcome home, hahaha! :D
    glad to know you enjoyed your busy weeks, i was so enjoyed by your lovely readers' guest posts. moreee post from them, please :p
    i'm also in an internship too... is kinda fun!
    well, have a great day, Jen!


  13. Great to have you back <3 I missed your posts! And congratulations!
    Btw, love your outfit, that bow blouse is gorgoeus!


  14. I love the blouse under the jumper, so cute with the bow peeping out.

  15. Congratulations, girl! It's very impressive that you're juggling so many things and looking so stylish doing it :)

  16. Oh Jen...how involved you are in school never ceases to amaze me! I was quite the opposite--never joined a club or did anything besides go to class (but even that I didn't really do hehehe). Congrats dear! You totally deserve it! I know you'll make a great Gov'na! <3 Love this casual outfit with the layering and the bow peeking out :) I miss you!

  17. I love your backpack and the cream and green together. Perfect student outfit! x


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