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I Love Colors

So the other day the weather was a little bit less cold than usual so I willingly abandoned my coat for some spring-like photos. It may look like spring with the blossoms behind me but it's far from it. Apparently it's supposed to snow a bit this weekend but so far it's only raining. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather stays warm enough to prevent the snow from falling.

So, Snooki from the Jersey Shore is coming to speak at my university tonight. I had the option of going to shoot the event buuuut I think I'm going to opt out and do something more productive with my life. It's going to be a busy weekend so I better get moving! :)

(H&M Coat, Target Cardigan, H&M Tank Top, Forever 21 Skirt, We Love Colors Tights, Urban Outfitters Flats)

So as you guys know, despite the frigid cold weather this past winter I still dragged my skirts out of my closet and sucked it up with a pair of tights. However, sometimes wearing tights still isn't enough for the cold. Fortunately for me, I've got a new secret weapon when it comes to Jen vs. Winter: We Love Colors tights. They sent me two pairs to try out and I've fallen in love with how warm and durable they are compared to my other pairs of tights. And being a clumsy and reckless person, I'm surprised they don't have a run in them yet.

I chose this Mocha colored pair since it's missing in my current collection of tights. I'm loving how muted the shade is and it's a nice alternative to the usual pair of black tights. The other pair of tights I have yet to style up is the Splash Metallic Tights  - any suggestions? I was thinking of saving them for a more formal occasion (aka not class). It was definitely hard picking from their selection of 50+ shades but I'm pretty happy with my picks!

Definitely go check them out on Twitter and Facebook! Also, if you're interested, each month they have a Curvy Girl Contest where you can win free tights! Click here for more information about that.
Definitely check back for when I style up my other pair in the near future (as well as a video)! :)


  1. Oh those tights are such a genius color! I love it paired with the olive green :) I hope it gets warm over there real soon! If not, you can always visit hehe! The last photo is so pretty Jen!

  2. love the way you styled them! love the mocha

  3. the tights is the loveliest color :)


  4. Oh! At first I thought that the the tights were gray and then when you said 'mocha' i finally saw the mocha haha. They are definitely a great color!

    And I'm glad that the world has started to recognize Snooki. I hope that she can give GREAT advice to the students at your university. =)

    -Erin (

  5. The color of your tights is wonderful. I'm definitely going to try out some We Love Colors tights next winter because I'm clumsy as well and I get runs in all of my tights!

    I love your polka dot top too!

  6. omg snooki is going to talk at your university? that's probably the first time she was ever on a college campus...

  7. such a an amazing location to do a photoshoot! Spring is here!! :) And Snooki is coming to your university to talk? SERIOUSLY? Wow, I'm speechless, hahaha...

    I love the color of your tights. It's different in a good way :D

  8. love the mocha! might have to add that to my wish list. i have the mustard yellow & the burgundy/wine color

  9. Neutral tights other than black seem key to getting through the long cold winter. that is still on going through spring.
    I wish it would warm up soon!

  10. LOVE your tank in the second outfit, & I adore your second outfit!

    & hahaha about the Snooki part. I think you made the right choice! ;)

  11. those tights are such a pretty colour :3

    xoxo Camilla

    check out my giveaway :)

  12. I'm in love with this outfit. This makes me really love polka dots. I would never think to get mocha colored tights, but they look awesome. I for sure think you should save the Sparkle tights for an evening look, that would be really cute!!


  13. oh the tights color is sooo lovely and give us a spring vibe! :D
    agree with you, Jen... I still grabbed my tights and shorts for a cold spring weather like this, khkh
    have a nice spring day!


  14. such a cute outfit! And I don't blame you at all for opting out of the snooki event haha

  15. We Love Colors tights are great. Super saturated and very thick. They always keep my legs toasty!


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