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Musical Accessories

So about a month ago, Jasmine had the adorable idea of sending around a mix CD and an accessory between six bloggers. We'd be able to pass on some tunes (because who doesn't love discovering new music?) and show six different ways to remix an item of our choosing. The first accessory I received was Jasmine's beloved, yellow, bow belt! I had such a fun time styling it up and I love the pop of color it added to my outfit. Usually I'm pretty bland when it comes to belts and I stick with the neutral colors of black or brown. The yellow was definitely a nice change of pace. I can't wait to pass this belt on to Amanda and then see how the other bloggers (Emily, Kate, and Tieka) style it up as well!

Delia's Cardigan
Urban Outfitters Tank Top, Skirt
Bow Belt via Jasmine (Musical Accessories)
Seychelles Wedges

This is another one of those posts where my body seems to only want to pose in one direction (with the exception of the first picture). It's definitely my default pose whether I like it or not.

And can I just comment on how beautiful the weather is today? It's a lovely and breezy 70 degrees outside which is absolutely perfect. Unfortunately the rest of the week is going to be full of rain - of all the days I could have worn a skirt I didn't. I never manage to dress for the weather.


  1. What a great idea to pass around an item. And fantastic belt. A great addition to your outfit today! =)

    And mixed CD's are the best presents ever.=)

    -Erin (

  2. Adorable belt and adorable idea! I love all of the bloggers you guys chose.

  3. What a great idea and fantastic first piece to do!!! I can see some very unique and adorable outfits coming up for each of you. I also <3 the flounciness of your skirt!

    Happy Monday Jen!
    Jen :)

  4. Super cute outfit! The musical accessories idea is awesome. I totally agree about the weather. I decided to do all of my errands today because it is so beautiful out.

  5. That belt is awesome!!! I love it. You are the cutest, Jen!

  6. wow the idea is totally fun! you mixed the belt with very beautiful skirt, Jen (which is I thought it a dress before, hahaha :p).
    anyway, agree with you. the same weather condition here, it's kinda a prefect weather, but I choose to stay at home for whole day (:
    have a great day, Jen!


  7. That belt is adorable! Love how the yellow pops against your navy dress. You look lovely!

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I'm your newest follower!

    Julie @ Mint & Mellow (Enter my giveaway!)

  8. i love the idea of musical accessories!! that yellow bow belt really makes the outfit and i love how you styled it!

    cute & little

  9. So glad my beloved bow belt made it to you safely :) It looks so good paired with navy. I love seeing bows on you. Seriously, you need to wear more (and more colors hehe) <3

  10. The outfit is so adorable :) And the bow looks good on you! :)


  11. i always love your outfit :D
    always pretty :D


  12. Adorable outfit, I think the yellow bow belt makes the perfect finishing touch.

  13. I can never seem to dress for the weather either!! It was so beautiful yesterday, and I had my fuzzy slippers on outside (though it made me feel better to see other girls who also dressed oddly for the weather!) It's similarly going to be dismal and rainy here in Philly this week too :(

    I love that yellow bow, and the skirt on that dress is so loveably bouncy!

  14. awww i've missed visiting here. first of all, your new layout is chic, sleek and just beautiful..i always love how simple your design and style aesthetic is but still has an amazing impact! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  15. It definitely looks like spring there- all the blossoms look gorgeous! Dig those wedges and your button up. ♥


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