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I know, I know - my Q&A Vlog is over a month late. Better late than never though...right? Here's a quick thank you to all my readers who sent in these questions. I had a lovely time answering them all and I even had too much fun answering some of them (which led to many scenes being edited out). Also, a HUGE thank you to Kirsten for filming and editing my Vlog - you made me seem slightly less weird than I actually am.

Oh, and if you guys are wondering, it was raining while were were filming (hence the downpour in the background) and we were right next to the train station (hence the train noises). Enjoy! :)


  1. You are so funny and cute! I couldn't stop laughing about the pajamas. And yay, Harry Potter series! :D

    Vlogs are so awesome, you should do more! I love your personality. :)

    - Caroline (

  2. You are adorable! I really enjoyed learning more about you :)

  3. ive only just come across your blog but oh my you are the cutest, love it. xo

  4. I watched the whole thing! I was wondering some of the same questions. I bet it took you a long time to film all of that. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. HAHA you're SO adorable. I was giggling throughout... is that creepy? I'm a little creeped out by me as well. :p

  6. Awesome video! It was great to see a different side (I guess..?) of you!

  7. wow Jen i really enjoyed watching your vlog, you're so adorable and look really fun answering for the whole questions,hahaha!
    was that raining that day anyway?
    well, i'm waiting for another nice vlog from you. have a great day!


  8. So..this is where we took our Dynamic Duo photos!!!!!! And it was raining there when we took it. Oh too crazy!! (AND YES WE NEED TO DO ANOTHER ONE SOON). I MISS YOU SO MUCH NOW. I love love love love love this Vlog. I hope you win the lottery so you CAN come and visit me hehe :) You are so adorable Jen. This reminds me I need to put up part two of my vlog... :) We need to make our DD coffee shop/clothing boutique with our half donut/half bagels hehe<3

  9. love this casua,l laid-back, and effortlessly chic outfit jen. you look fab! :)

    Empire State of Heart


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