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We Don't Need Our Heads

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately - life has been crazy hectic (what else is new) and I don't seem to have time for anything anymore. It always gets like this when the school year comes to an end. In two weeks I have 6 papers, 2 large assignments, tons of Circle K work and meetings, and my job. I'm also trying to maintain my sanity, my social life, and this blog. Oh, and sleep, of course. I always forget about that one. At least the weather is getting nicer out and I'm already putting my tights away and making room for bare legs!

Gap Jacket
Urban Outfitters Top
Delia's Jeans similar
Aldo Shoes similar and Backpack similar
Forever 21 Ring

This is my first free weekend (not including homework) in a while and it's times like this where I wish I lived close enough to the beach to just walk over and sit on the boardwalk. I think in the future I would like to live by the beach, even if only for a year or two, just to get to experience it during all four seasons. Once all these finals are over the first thing I'm doing is driving down to the shore. Summer, come sooner!

I love this outfit simply for the fact that it's low maintenance. Some outfits cause you to spend all day tucking your shirt back in, holding your skirt down, adjusting your belt, or moving around your layers. This was just the perfect, carefree outfit and it was thrown together so effortlessly that I had extra time to sit down and relax before running off to class for once.


  1. This is such a cute casual outfit! I love your sandals :)
    I can totally relate with school being all crazy. These last few weeks are always so hectic!

  2. Your shoes are so cute! I'm so happy we're able to put away boots and actually wear flats. :)

  3. You look so lovely and simple! I love the sandals.

    Oh my gosh, amen on the crazy amount of work. There's only two weeks left and I'm ready to be done!

  4. love that ring! and need those shoes! have a great weekend love. i can identify with the end of school year craziness. we will endure!

  5. Love the details on your shirt and your ring. I was just in F21 today doing some ring shopping, definitely need to add some more to my collection.


  6. Eeeeep, your shoes are so cute! :D They're a great touch to your outfit, which, btw, looks pretty darn comfy and casual. Love it!

    - Caroline (

  7. Stay strong Jen! :) The end is near (sounds quite ominous, but we both know this is an excellent idea). Hopefully you get some sleep, if not, load up on that caffeine and get them jitter bugs on. I adore this light airy spring outfit, those wedges are faaaantastic!

  8. Lovely! Simple yet chic. Love the rings and the top!


  9. super cute + casual, jen :)
    i think i have the same shoes, but in black! NAICE.
    i can't wait for finals to be over either. good luck & power through the home stretch :)!

  10. L.O.V.E the outfit!
    The lace in the back is amazing!

    ~Anna from

  11. Outfit is so cute. And I see you were on Livingston Campus.. next time say hi! I'm here :) Again looking cute as usual you need to take me shopping with you so I can learn your ways..

  12. I love how simple, yet really cute, this outfit is. The flats are really amazing. I'm in a need of a good pair of flats.

  13. Can you stop being so pretty and happy and adorable and gorgeous and chic and (insert every good word here)?! :) I love this outfit! It's so good to see you in something Springy--the lace top and the wedges! The light denim compliments it so well :) I hope your free weekend is filled with lots of fun! Summer is almost here! I can taste it! Weee!

  14. I love how cute this casual outfit is. That lace top is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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