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It's Not What You Think

Please excuse the absence of my face in these pictures - I have not turned into Samara from The Ring. This is one of those outfit shoots where I just didn't like my face in any of the pictures because I'm being very insecure about myself. I always tend to like the pictures where my face is hidden even if it is a little sketchy.

H&M Cardigan
American Apparel Tank
Urban Outfitters Skirt
Topshop Belt
Seychelles Wedges similar

Tomorrow is the last day of classes and I'm so excited to be done with this semester! Starting Wednesday I'll be entering finals and I have five this semester to study for. I might not have as many outfit posts so bear with my lack of posting. :)


  1. Great shorts! I love the print.
    Sometimes we're all a bit camera shy :D It's tough taking pictures of yourself all the time! Seriously!

  2. Gorgeous outfit & photos. As always!

  3. Cute skirt <3 Love the look!


  4. so beautiful skirt, I like it <3

  5. You're so adorable Jen! :) Good luck with those finals, you'll ace 'em all. I'm with you on the sans-face showing in photos. I prefer to avoid eye contact... unless I'm pulling a classic awkward facial expression.

  6. I always love the mysetery in faceless photos.Your outfit is great, especially the skirt! It's too cute! Good luck on finals! Dead week, here we come!

  7. Wow your semester is already over?! I still have 3 weeks to go :( Good luck on finals! Love the bow skirt!

  8. Ah, I definitely have plenty of these faceless sorts of posts. haha But you should have no reason to feel insecure, your face always looks lovely even when making the silliest faces. ♥
    I love love your skirt! Good luck with all your finals!

  9. Hehe no worries sometimes this is just how the photos come out. It's our skirt and our belt!! Eep! I can't wait for our next DD though I think it has to wait until your finals are over :) Good luck with them all. You're gonna kill them! <3

  10. Lovely outfit :) the skirt is so cute ^^ x

  11. I just came across your blog and I'm loving it! I would steal those shoes if I could. They're perfect!

    PS Good Luck with finals!

  12. The Ring scared the crap out of me!! It still gives me chills to this day.. lol. I'm such a wimp. ;)

    Great skirt Jen! And good luck with finals.. I'm excited for summer break too.

    xx Love & Aloha

  13. Nice photos like I just met you and your seem very nice and atractive Natural Artist.
    Yours ~ Samuel


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