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Guest Post: Amy

Hi Everyone! 
Amy (aka Roamylive) here. 

Last Summer was all about the romper. Everyone was wandering around NYC in their adult onesies and it appears as though this Summer is no different. A romper can either go really right, or really wrong. It's one of those clothing items that MUST be tried on in the store because fit is so important. I've seen too many girls try to pull off rompers with ill-fitting waistlines or too short-shorts.

Despite what my guy friends say (they hate rompers!), I love a good romper.
Paired with a cute belt, casual sandals and a denim jacket, and I'm a happy urban camper!

ROMPER: Mossimo at Target
JACKET: Old Navy
NAILS: Sally Hansen in Plum Burst
TOE NAILS: Wet 'n Wild in Red Rouge

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Jen for letting me bogart her blog for the day, and thanks to you guys for putting up with my face instead of hers! :)

xo, Amy


  1. I love my rompers, too!! Its just going to the bathroom is a pain, however lol and I also have one from Target that I got last year, a purple tribal print, so amazing! I'm liking how you've belted it too... *inspiration*

  2. the floral romper is adorable, I like how it's paired it with the denim jacket as well!

  3. Oh how she's so sweet! Love her outfit so much :)


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