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Guest Post: Stevia

Hello, JennifHsieh reader, I'm Stevia from The Sweetest Escape filling in for Jen while she's away on a Large-Scale Service Project and International Convention for Circle K. Don't we just admire how she keeps busy yet still manages to take care of her blog? Just amazing.

I have been a loyal stalker, I mean, reader of Jennifhsieh since I started my own blog. I love how Jen always manages to look cute even in the simplest of outfits. Something I could never pull off. So when she tweeted about looking for guest bloggers, I snatched the opportunity in a heartbeat. 

There are a lot of details in this outfit that I like. From the peter pan collar, to the gold button, to the tiered skirt. I'm a sucker when it comes to peter pan collars. And puppies. And chocolates. Anyway..I hope you like this outfit and we already miss you, Jen! 

Top - vintage, belt - Cotton On, skirt - Zara, wedges - Heatwave


  1. oh, hello stevia! how nice you're doing a guestpost over here :) I love reading both of your blogs :) you look amazing :) I love this floral skirt! x

  2. Aw! I love her entire outfit. Love the skirt and your blog, Stevia!

  3. wow hello, stevia! it's a surprise and so good meet you in Jen's blog as a guest post :D i love you both so much! this outfit post is great, stev... i love the skirt, and the watch... is it vintage? <3
    well, have a nice day! :D


  4. Aww it's Stevia! So adorable and glad to see you here :) I adore the romantic girly aspects to this outfit, so cute <3 Also, yes! Jen is amazing!

  5. She looks so sweet! Don't ya think?
    beautiful girl and fabulous outfit!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  6. You are so cute Stevia!!! I love the super girly outfit <3!!!!

  7. This is a beautiful outfit. So girlie. Love it, Stevia!

  8. this skirt is so pretty! :) xxxx


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