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First I just wanted to acknowledge that I look a little lackluster in these photos - can't you just see all the excitement in my eyes?  My brother was taking my photos instead of my mom and he was not a fan of being used as my blog slave.  I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm pretty weird for taking so many pictures of myself on a weekly basis.  Maybe that's because he's camera shy and refuses to let me take any photos of him.  I've been sneaking pictures here and there throughout the years though for blackmail use - I'm just playing the role of the obnoxious little sister.  >:)

Urban Outfitters Cardigan, Skirt
American Apparel Tank
Reaction Kenneth Cole Wedges

I finally donated a good amount of my old clothes to the Salvation Army the other day. I'm a hoarder when it comes to clothes; either I want to hold on to something because of the related memories or I keep telling myself that there will come a day where I will wear whatever it is I'm about to donate. I'm learning to slowly let go (my mom says I'm not letting go fast enough). I still keep all of my homework and papers from elementary school until high school in the basement. I've always been one to hold on to memories no matter how small which might explain why I love to take pictures so much.

But anyway, check back in two days. I have a surprise for you guys. ;)


  1. Awww..you don't look lackluster:) I think you look cute! The skirt is a great color.

  2. I think you look as adorable as always! Those wedges are great!

  3. I really like these colors together! Great any day anytime look! Next time you can donate your clothes to us blog readers :P

  4. doesn't look lackluster at all!!! :) :)
    instead looking gorgeous as always ~

  5. The color of that skirt is fantastic. I'm really liking the entirety of this outfit. It looks really comfortable and great for the summer.

  6. Sometimes when I'm at home I ask my mom to take my outfit shots and if she has to take any more than four pictures she gets super annoyed and goes back inside. Oh family. No matter what your brother thinks, I think you should continue taking so many pictures of yourself on a weekly basis because I happen to enjoy your blog immensely :)

  7. Psh, I don't know what you're talking about! I love this outfit! :)

  8. LOVE your shoes!!!!


  9. Well having someone else take your pictures (even if they are a wee bit unwilling) is a lot easier, faster, better than taking them on your own :) You look great Jen! Loving our DD mustard skirt! I think it's our most reworn DD item! I will have to try it with grey and black because I am loving this color combo! I spy the necklace hehe <3

  10. You don't look lackluster whatsoever :) I'm pretty sure I force N into taking my photos as well, it's ok, we need those slaves in our lives ;)!

    I really like that mustard skirt, more like obsessed <3. Also, those sandals? ADOOOORE. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

  11. this outfit is lovely, and the yellow skirt just brings color into it. lovin' this! and you look fresh!


  12. d'aw :)
    these photos are cute regardless!
    the skirt is the perfect pop of colour.


  13. lovely outfit :)
    i love the skirt so cute <3


  14. The skirt has such a lovely color :) and I LOVE that cardy! ^^ pretty outfit :) xx

  15. I am loving this whole outfit but especially the wedges!


  16. Haha, I TOTALLY hang on to things for way too long. I should probably throw out all the notes and stuff from high school, they're just taking up space and I'll probably never read them!

    Loving this outfit and the yellow skirt! :)


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