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By the Riverside

Urban Outfitters T-shirt
H&M Belt
Forever 21 Tunic/Skirt
Wedges c/o

My friend Kirsten and I decided to take a drive over to the local park while we had some extra time between our jobs to relax. Because the weather was boiling hot we couldn't help but run into the river, despite the strong current. It was definitely a challenging feat to stay standing on the slippery rocks (especially with a camera half the time) but it was definitely worth the cold water splashing all around us. We're already planning to come back with some tubes so we can tie them to the trees and sit around in the river (given that the strong current doesn't take us miles away). Maybe we'll bring some lemonade while we're at it. Deeeelicious! Now if only we could find some time to come back...

So, if you've noticed from my outfit details, this skirt wasn't always a skirt. When I first spotted it on a sale rack I was in love with the chevron-like pattern around the hem. It was originally an empire-waisted tunic where the part that goes around the boobs is scrunched up and stretchy (kind of like those shirts people used to wear that were tiny but stretched like crazy when you put them on - does anyone remember those?). I wasn't a huge fan so I snipped it off and voila! New skirt. Easy DIYs for the win! :)

P.S. Once again, I felt the need to change up my layout. I get easily bored with the same thing every day and I guess I was a little tired of the same yellow/orange pattern all over my blog. Hopefully this will be a refreshing change! Let me know what you think. :)


  1. smart! i like that you turned the tunic into a skirt (and lol, i remember those weird tiny shirts that had a weird eggcrate-like texture and they were one-size-fits all. didn't flatter anybody! :P)

    the new layout is cool. i get bored with mine too and am always tweaking little bits and pieces >_<


  2. Ooh such a lovely spot for taking pictures!!
    I love your new layout :)


  3. I love the new header! I think maybe if you outline the letters with a dark gray/whatever colour it'll make it stand out more? I'm not sure though :) Also, I love how often you change your layout, it's refreshing.

    What a genius idea with the DIY, I should do that with all of my dresses as well. I looooove those shoes, I cannot get enough of 'em! PLUS your bangs look fantastic, I have to say they've grown out lovely!

    I wish I had a place like that to just hang-out at here in Vancouver, edit: I wish I had the time! Seems like we all have anything BUT time lately... :(!

  4. Oh my gosh I'm the same way! I've changed my layout 3 times and I've only had my blog since April haha! Is that normal?

    The river sounds so nice right about now. I wish I could have river time without being attacked by mosquitoes. They are the worst in Texas because it's so freakin' humid! Do you guys have that pest problem as well?

    Anyway, forgot to mention I love your new layout!


  5. Loving the DIY shorts and the beautiful scenery! Sitting in the water with lemonade sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

    Liking the new layout! I'm sensing a Chevron theme in your outfit and your blog!

  6. oh man so cute, i want to play in a river!

  7. Your new header is super cute Jen! :) As are you!!!!!! Take me to the river with you! I so remember that tunic/skirt thing from the beginning of your blog days :) So nice that you bring it back and wear it in a different way!

  8. This is great DIY. I never would have known!

    Seeing this post reminds me of when I pushed my friend into the water canals in Germany. I don't even remember the reason why, only that we were having an intense argument about politics!

  9. So pretty! What is the name of this park/river? Thanks

  10. simply gorgeous photos! lovely post! <3

  11. awesome new layout - and the location of this shoot is really quite beautiful... you are such a style inspiration!

    with love,


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