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Dynamic Duo Steps Out in Floral

Corny blog post title? I agree. Regardless, Jasmine and I really did step out in floral in our floral sandals. I've been meaning to get a new pair since the strap on my last pair decided to snap and these are fulfilling their duties wonderfully as their replacement sandals. I adore the little floral pattern since it gives plain, white sandals that little extra something. I love that Jasmine and I decided to go different routes for once in terms of our color palettes. I went for something more natural and she went for those light, summery pastels.

If you're new to my blog, Jasmine and I collaborate on Dynamic Duos from time to time where we take an item and style it up in two different ways. Check out all of our posts and even head alllll the way back to the first post to see how it all began. :)

Forever 21 Striped Top
H&M Skirt
Urban Outfitters Sandals

Zara T-Shirt
American Apparel Skirt
H&M Belt
Urban Outfitters Sandals

But now I'm off to go catch the midnight premiere of the final Harry Potter episode. Is anyone else as upset as I am that it's going to be over? I was considering being a dork and painting my nails yellow and black (I'm obviously a Hufflepuff) but I think I'll stay away from looking like a bunch a bees landed on my fingers. My boyfriend is currently in Turkey and he already saw Harry Potter yesterday - I'm kind of hating on him.



  1. Adorable post!! The sandals are tres chic as well! I need some floral sandals in my life too.

  2. Cute shoes! Are they comfortable to walk in though?

    Wow, I didn't know Turkey was such a popular of my friends is there doing a study abroad.

  3. aww you guys are adorable ! love the outfits, cute sandals :)

  4. Jen, your bangs are totally adorable. I just thought you should know that.

    Love, love, love those shoes on you both!

  5. you two look amazing! loving the skirts and floral print sandals!

  6. Cute outfits!

  7. Ahhhh your bangs are cute! And I love your shoes, you two are too adorable! OMG HARRY POTTER. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE. That Snape scene really had me crying. LOL my friend painted her nails with random Harry Potter things including the deathly hallows symbol.

  8. Just saying--when we are reunited, we have to do something Harry Potter themed (maybe an outfit?) and then I will force you to do Hufflepuff nails! Robert thought my red and yellow Gryffindor nails were ketchup and mustard lol. I'm so happy with these sandals! Aren't they comfy?! Ah! :) I think once your bangs grow a little longer and fuller, they'll be really cute on you!

  9. I love your outfit! Especially the skirt! & your friend's skirt is cute too :)
    xx Allie

  10. i really love the dynamic duo posts! you both have such effortless and relaxed style...

    with love,
    guildedsecret formerly princesspolitico


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