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Marching On

This is one of my favorite outfits that I've worn recently mainly because of the length of the skirt. I've been loving longer skirts these days, especially since you get fewer sketchy glances from random men in the city. Plus, you can pass out on the train without the fear of accidentally flashing someone if you toss and turn. That's always a plus. Always.

This is going to be my last outfit post before you start seeing my new bangs in my pictures. They're slowly growing on me...but very slowly. I just wish they would get longer faster. Blunt bangs are also a bang in the summer since I sweat a lot on my forehead (so attractive) and the bangs just make it worse. If you guys ever decide to go for blunt bangs, wait until the weather cools down so you don't melt in 100 degree weather!

Forever 21 Blouse, Ring
H&M Skirt
Jessica Simpson Heels

Last tonight, since it's currently Restaurant Week in NYC, I met up with my friend Jim to grab some fancy food for cheap after we both got out of work. Apparently there's a fantastic Scandinavian place called Aquavit that is booked for the next two weeks; however, Jim spotted a opening for last tonight so we snatched it up. The food was delicious and beautifully cooked to perfection...but let's just say that from my experiences (and my preferences) I would take KFC Chicken over a 5-start restaurant any day of the week. <3


  1. Ohai skirt buddy! I was tempted to get it in red as well, but opted out because I'm a chicken and I can't do colour. You on the other hand look amaaaazing! I can't wait to see your new cut, and omnomnom food for cheap sounds good to me :)

    P.S. The length of the skirt is phenomenal, no? Saves us from many awkward situations :p!

  2. i <3 the color of your skirt :)

  3. The color of the skirt is perfect on you! The length is adorable, as well. I need to find a skirt that length with that kind of flare. Love!

    The Bombshell Manifesto

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  6. ugh! i think it's time that i fly to ohio and get this skirt... there is no h&m here in houston, texas which sucks :/

    i'm still loving your blog and digging the length and cheery color of this lady-like skirt. your style is impeccable :) can't wait to see your bangs!

    with love,
    guildedsecret formerly princesspolitico

  7. I am in love with that skirt. It makes me happy that longer skirts are popular at the moment, because lately they have been so short, they are nearly impossible to wear, let alone be comfortable in!

  8. That might be the most adorable skirt ever. Pleats and ruffles and the most lovely color? Check, check, check. Loving the way you paired it with simple, wonderful neutrals.

    Grow bangs, grow!

  9. My blogging bestie is the prettiest! I want to hug you too! So friggin badly! I'm never letting you go when I land in NJ! I eyed that skirt at H&M too when I was last there! It's such a lovely color and I looooooved the pleating detail. Now that I have a job, I might just need to get it :) Can't wait to see the new hair! I would take KFC (or that super cheap Thai restaurant we stumbled upon in NYC) over overpriced food any day too. More money for clothes!! Ugh I seriously miss you too much.

  10. This is really your style! And I love it so much :) Love your skirt!!

  11. You look so pretty!! The skirt is a great shape. And I wish I could give you tips on the bangs, but I had the same problem in the summer time:(

  12. That's such a pretty skirt and the pleats make it even better :)
    xx Allie

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  14. I went to Aquavit for restaurant week too! SO SO delicioussss, I can't stop thinking about the duck entree :)

    love the skirt!

  15. SUCH a fabulous and classy outfit!!!!! makes me wanna pull out some old movies!!! (:

  16. Stunning, I give this an A+. So demure. And I agree with you about the length of the skirt :)


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