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Familiar Ground

Last night, after work, I met up with a couple of my friends to grab some Mac & Cheese at S'MAC in the East Village. Can you say DELICIOUS? I had the Napoletana which was drenched in mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, and fresh basil. I'm already drooling at the thought of it. Good thing it's only a few blocks away from where I work!  Luckily the pouring rain had stopped by the time we finished eating so we were able to wander around doing absolutely nothing and looking for a Starbucks to satisfy my friend's addiction. 

Gap Chambray Shirt
Forever 21 Floral Dress
Reaction Kenneth Cole Wedges

I'll probably catch a movie tonight with a friend once I get home - I have an urge to see Horrible Bosses just because I love Jennifer Aniston and I'm obsessed with Charlie Day after numerous episodes of It's Always Sunny. But then again maybe I'll skip out on the movie depending on how tired I feel. I woke up this morning in the clothes I wore yesterday! That's what I get for getting home at midnight after waking up at 6 AM that day. At least I took my contacts out before passing out!


  1. Man, i just love chambray shirt on girls. And it looks lovely with the floral dress. You nailed it again.

  2. Absolutely love that dress and how you broke up all the floral with your tied chambray top. So chic!

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  3. you do the knotted shirt look so well!! i love the layered chambray and very cute shoes!

    cute & little
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  4. Oh that sounds deathly. I want it. Why do you do that to me? :(! Ha. Maybe you should ship some to Vancouver? Deal? Deal.

    I love the knotted chambray top, I can't seem to pull it off, I'll live vicariously through you.


  5. What a cute outfit! I adore denimshirts over florals! x

  6. very cute ur following.check my blog out.hope u like and follow :)

  7. AH! I love your bangs. It's been toooo long since I've been on your blog. I love your top + dress, I can so see Jasmine wearing this!

  8. You look lovely! Your floral dress is beautiful and the wedges are really stylish:)

    I may go watch that film myself:)

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  9. Hehe Maggie's comment. I really did plan on wearing this outfit today, but for some reason you looked better in it so I didn't. I know I will one day when I have forgotten how wonderful you look and how icky I will look in comparison :) I miss you! And now I want Mac & Cheese. Late night easy mac while I'm there? :P

  10. Your dresses are beautiful. since you have beautiful blonde hair i recommened not to wear a yellow/ gold dress becuase it would take off some off the focus on your hair. good luck!

  11. i love your bangs, jen. it's growing up! :D
    aah drooling for the burger, i'm so hungry in this morning now ):
    anyway, i love you paired the floral dress with the outer, nice <3

    have a great day!

  12. I have the same top! Now all I need is that dress. Love the outfit!
    xx Allie

  13. i truly love EVERY outfit you post - you have an effortless way of casual dressing that truly inspires me! you're officially on my inspiration page because of this outfit! lovely throwback to the 90s :)

    with love,


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