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Set Me Down in Your Warm Arms

I haven't seen Jeremy since the end of May and he finally came home from studying abroad in Turkey this past week. He picked me up from work on Thursday with flowers in one hand and I'm pretty sure I melted. It was surreal seeing him in person rather than through a computer screen. I took him to Ninja New York for an early one-year anniversary dinner. Best experience ever?? There were ninjas popping out everywhere and Jeremy kept getting attacked by waiters passing by. I'm pretty sure I cursed at one two many waiters but they were asking for it what with their stealthy attacks and such. It was perfect for our weird sense of humor though, although the amount of food completely defeated us.

After running a few errands on Friday I spent the day with Jeremy being complete bums since he was still suffering from jet lag and I was suffering from a week of work. We ended up seeing Cowboys & Aliens which was completely ridiculous...therefore I enjoyed it immensely. IMMENSELY. We spent Saturday, our last day together, by waking up super early to catch the sunrise by the beach.

We were the only ones on the beach besides two random men with their metal detectors and the lifeguard getting the beach ready for the day. My favorite trips to the beach are when they're void of humanity and people trying to burn themselves to a crisp. After lying around and taking a million pictures we found the cutest breakfast place called The Mariner's Cove. They have a selection of over 200 omelettes as well as scrumptious potato pancakes. Looking at the menu itself was exhausting! I love discovering little places like this. :)

After a very filling breakfast we headed further down south to Seaside Heights and we were greeted with plenty of sunshine and crazy, awesome waves (and no, we didn't run into the cast of the Jersey Shore). We left the beach covered in sand and filled to the brim with salt water. And of course there's nothing better than grabbing some root beer floats from Stewart's on the way home. Now he's currently on a plane to China and I'm missing him all over again. Hopefully the month will fly by fast (but not too fast). :)


  1. I saw that restaurant on a t.v. program one time. I'm so glad you got to go! Happy anniversary.

    The two of you had so much fun! It's like peeking into your window. Okay, that didn't sound right!

    The time will fly by and a new month will arrive and the fun can start all over, again...and so can Fall. :(

  2. That photo of the waves at the beach is INCREDIBLE JEN! Teach me your photography ways!! It's weird that you can watch the sun rise at your beach, and I can watch sun sets at my beach. I'm so glad you had an amazing time with Jeremy! A month (+ a day) better fly by because in a month I WILL BE SEEING YOU THEN<3

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like y'all had so much fun! :)

  4. What a sweet post! Your words and photos are filled with such love; I can't help but smile. (:

  5. I'm glad you had fun! I can't imagine if Curtis had to go away like that.

    Lindsey Soup

  6. Wow, two months without seeing each other! That's crazy! Looks like yall had an amazing time! :) Where does he live if not in New Jersey?

    I've always wanted to go to Seaside (before the show came out haha). It looks like so much fun! Random question, I recently learned the tallest and fastest roller coaster is in NJ, have you ever been? I wanna ride it!


  7. this was such a heartfelt post! glad to see that you got to spend some quality time together :) the beach looked BEAUTIFUL!

    with love,

  8. awwww you guys are sooo cute!!!!(: lovely post!

  9. Sounds like a great start of the weekend with your bf, happy anniversary!

    Travel in Style

  10. China! My goodness, Jeremy is quite the jet setter.

    Looks like y'all spent your time together doing super fun stuff, though. Loving the beach pictures (I adore the one of the feathers!), and all the shots from your adventures!

  11. So when do we get to go to this restaurant and have a romantic time together? ;) Hehe just bugging you <3! I'm so glad that you two got reunited, I'm very impressed with that long long long time of not seeing each other, and I find it tough when I don't seen N for a week. Darn. Haha :)

    P.S. Your photography is amaaaaazing as always! xo

  12. These are some of the most gorgeous photos I've seen in a long time. Those waves look gigantic! I hope to some day go down to Brighton Beach when nobody is there just to experience that feeling. My mom would never let me do that, though :(

    You two are absolutely adorable. I'm very happy for both of you!


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