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New Beginnings

These pictures are actually back from the last day of my internship in the city but I decided to post them today since I'm just bumming around my apartment with my roommates and decorating up the place. It's so much cuter this year since we took a group trip to IKEA. We decorated our rooms and our living room with a combined budget of $150 and only spent $112 and it honest has made a world of difference. I'll do a post on my dorm decorating soon! I'm super excited about it. We're going to do some more bumming around today - more decorating, food shopping, the mall, mani/pedis, IHOP dinner, and movie night. The first day of classes is tomorrow so we might as well spend the last day of summer relaxing. :)

J.Crew Sweater
ASOS Dress
Forever 21 Belt
Seychelles Wedges

I'm so excited for Fashion Week next weekend! Jasmine is arriving on Thursday and it's going to be kind of epic, not gonna lie. Trips to the city, meeting other bloggers, window shopping (and some real shopping), our Dynamic Duo day...there's way too much to look forward to. Come sooner! Let me know if any of you are going to be in the NYC area next weekend - I'd love to meet up with you guys! :)


  1. lovely photos! good luck with first day of classes!

  2. Uhm Jen, teach me how to be as great of a belt tie-er will you? :) Also, YAY I cannot wait to see some more Dynamic Duo pics!

  3. I'll be at the Blogger's Picnic on that saturday!! I am stoked for that!! :)

    Loving this cute ensemble too!!

  4. love the little knotted belt, it's perfect


  5. i love ure simplicity style with chic outfits :)

  6. yay have fun with Jasmine then! I'm sure I cannot wait for the Dynamic Duo post later! (:
    anyway, i love your wedges! is it the same with black one? I remembered you have same black wedges too.
    well, have a good day, Jen!


    Can't wait to see the decorated apartment in person too! :) Love the blue on blue action! Weeeeee!

  8. Oh, your outfit is so simple and yet it's so perfect! Absolutely lovely! Hope your first day of lessons was great!

  9. like your shoes!! good luck! :)

    Love Simple Green

  10. Short skirts and belted sweaters are just too darn cute on you! Can't wait for a tour of the newly redesigned dorm =)

  11. Seriously love this outfit! Too adorable.

    Your dorm decorating post sounds exciting :-)


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