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Sunset at Boyd Park

Before the semester kicks in and before we start drowning in piles of work and conflicting schedules, Monisha and I decided to take a relaxing trip down to Boyd Park which is home to our university's crew team and has the most gorgeous view of the Raritan River. Because of Hurricane Irene's flooding there was mud crusted over the entire park as you can see from the pictures (and the few random branches). We caught the sunset at the perfect time which also meant that we both went picture crazy with my camera.

Gap Chambray Shirt
H&M Maxi Dress
Vince Gamuto Heels via DSW

I haven't had my first class yet since I don't have classes on Thursday or Friday and the first day of classes was a Thursday. I've only gotten two of my textbooks and I'm definitely in denial that it's my senior year of college. When I walk around campus I still feel like a junior. Maybe once I actually walk into my first class of the semester it will all kick in and I'll suddenly feel bittersweet about everything. Graduation seems so far away but I know that in a blink of an eye I'll be wearing that robe and cap and thinking "I'm doomed." :P

Well I better get back to all of the work I need to get done before I head over to Jeremy's house. He's finally back (for good this time) and I can't wait to see him. Good luck to all of you starting the new school year and enjoy your labor day celebrations!


  1. You look so pretty, love these photos too, great job!!

  2. I love the place that you took your outfit photos and those sandals are super cute!

  3. your header is so lovely, and you look gorgeous in that skirt :)

    xo Camilla

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  4. You look so stunning in your maxi dress! I love how it looks with your chambray shirt! Aww I'm a senior too, I feel like graduation is so far away yet so close (well it's further for me, since I still have 2 more years).

  5. These are such gorgeous photos:) The outfit looks so vibrant and cool with the sunlight.

  6. I really love that maxi skirt! Have fun in your senior year!


  7. These photos are beautiful! I really love that maxi skirt :)

  8. this is so pretty........... :) you rock!
    and congratulations for crossing 300 likes in fb!

  9. I tried on a maxi dress a while back and I looked so incredibly stupid. You though look amazing in it every single time! I love your new shoes and this photo location! Say hi to Jeremy for me! :)

  10. Seriously gorgeous photos! And this outfit! So cute.. love the shoes, too :-)


  12. hey.. you are looking so beautiful in this dress in all pics... thanks for sharing here...


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